Which NASCAR driver would make a good announcer?

Part 2 ( or BQ ) and which driver would not make a good announcer?

I think Carl Edwards would make a good announcer and Matt Kenseth would make a crappy one.

I think he is far better at being an owner. I don’t think he is really that great at announcing. In fact I seriously think he would be a better actor than anything. I love watching the guy do commercials. Sure he’s going off a script, but so do professional actors. Michael Waltrip is a “natural” in front of the camera. But he don’t turn me on as an announcer. I am though, very impressed by him as an owner. I like his drivers.

Actually, Jeff Gordon would make a good announcer. All would probably make good announcers, except for former Cup driver, Ward Burton.

Edit: @ Winter Glory – OK, I’ll have to agree on your Jr. choice, however, he has a lot of personality and is as real as they come.

Jeff Burton & Elliott Sadler would make good announcers. One is serious & the other is a light hearted funny guy.

(BQ) Dale Jr

Jeff Burton, I think is the most well spoken and rational minded driver. Mark Martin would be the worst. I’ve rarely heard a meaningful or substantive thing from him during an interview.

Jeff Gordon would make a good announcer.
Dale Jr. would not. He says “uuuuhhhhhhh” too much and appears uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Ryan Newman or Clint Bowyer would make good announcers…Mark Martin would not

Good announcer: Kenny Wallace. he already does some dirt series races

Bad announcer: Matt Kenseth. he’s too monotone

Elliot Sadler, dude’s just funny. As for would not make a good one, Ward Burton you’d need subtitiles, or Matt Kenseth, he’d be kinda droning.

Kenny Wallace…the guy can’t shut up for two seconds…funnier than heck…and I think he would be unbiased in not groveling to one team but spread the wealth…bad and good. I just would like to see him up in the booth.
I would also like to see Robby Gordon up there because you know he isn’t going to hold anything back…he’d last about an hour but I would love it.

A bad announcer would be someone bland(ish)…Kasey Kahne comes to mind. Oh I like him well enough for a driver…he’s ok…just as an announcer…I don’t think he has the mouth for it.

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