Okay you guys. Since George W. Bush is not running for president, nor is presiden Reagan, who will we elect?

Alright my fellow Americans, time for the report card on president Barack Obama:
1. How well did he do in balancing the budget?
2. How well did he do in creating jobs?
3. How well did he do in health care?
4. How well did he do in increasing the budget for American Veterans who many of them feel that going to…

1. F (record debt and deficits)
2. F (net job loss since he was inaugurated)
3. 70
4. C
5. F (Bailed out fat cat bankers – his major contributors)
6. F (Just like all democrats, the rich got richer, but the poor got poorer)
7. F (no jobs, the best cure for poverty is a job)
8. No, because job growth is squat, economy is in the tank, he’s had over 3 years.
9. SSDD – moved “Bush’s war” to Afghanistan
10.a. 70 – he promised change, and we got OBAMA – One Big A55ed Mistake America
10. b. F – made sure major contributors were paid off in bailouts.

If Obama were the only candidate running, I’d refuse to vote.

1. How well did he do in balancing the budget? FAIL
2. How well did he do in creating jobs? FAIL
3. How well did he do in health care? FAIL
4. How well did he do in increasing the budget for American Veterans who many of them feel that going to the VA to ask to increase their disabilities is compared to going to the welfare office. (how they are treated by the VA) hence, suicide amongs veteran’s has increased because VA give them 10% and make it very hard to increase it to 30% or more. The VA claim that they are doing this because of their budget. FAIL
5. How well do you feel he has done in “it’s time for a change” I AGREE ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE THIS TIME ONE I BELIEVE IN
6. How do you feel that he has done in making the quality of life of those in the bottom of the barrel (the voters, the people that got him where he at) if that is you reading this: can you afford to buy a house? is life better for you since Obama, or worse? HE IS THE KING OF DEPENDENCY, THE MOTHER OF WELFARE , THE FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT
7. Those of you in the bottom of the barrel: has Obama “changes” trikled down to you? are you better, the same, or worse than when George W. Bush became president. WORSE
8. Will you re- elect Obama? if so why, if not; why not? NO WAY
9. Well he got some of us out of Iraq, and now moved to Afghanistan other places(?) can not say here, but how do you feel he did with that? FAILED, HE IS CLUELESS AND OVER HIS HEAD
10. I voted for president Bush, and I voted for Obama as well. IN 2008 YOU MUST HAVE FELT YOU NEEDED TO PROVE YOU WERE NOT A RACIST AND NOW IN 2012 YOU CAN PROVE YOU ARE NOT AN IDIOT

What is my score?

I go to community college and what people are not talking about is the incredible amount of retraining going on..There are several war veterans, laid off construction workers of all ages in my classes..We are getting stronger just digging out of rather deep hole..Obama has done almost everything possible with the exception of not prosecuting wall street criminals and fighting a bit harder at the negotiation table. I’ve voted for several republicans I’m an independent..will vote for Obama because I’ve seen personally how many lives have already gotten fundamentally better.

NOT Obama
NOT Romney
Both of these men have no idea how their constituents must live. Both of them are so far removed from the U.S. Citizen that they think that $30,000/year is “rich”.
Paul doesn’t stand the chance of a snowball in a very hot place.
Santorum is a paid-off idiot.
Gingrich isn’t the most moral of characters but at this time, he represents the least of the evils.
NONE of them has any idea about how “we the people” are being forced to live. ALL of them would be classified as ‘robber barons’ in Medieval times.

The ultra-rich politicians have no idea how their constituents live. The politicos think that $30,000/year is “rich” yet some of them are worth that much each WEEK.
Like the French royalty of the 18th century, the rich politicians desire only their own comfort.
“What? The people have no bread to eat? Then, let them eat cake!”
The politicians have come to believe that they are our masters rather than our servants.
They are out of control.
It’s time to vote ALL of them out of office.
We need to have a ‘REMOVE INCUMBENT’ option on the ballot.

Only the ignorant believe our national debt starts over with a new president; You are at the head of that class. Only an idiot believe the President is responsible for what Congress and the Senate do or fails to do. Only a simpleton allows others to make their decisions for them then runs around repeating what they have been told.

You fit all three categories; ignorant, idiot and simpleton (you know what that means don’t you?). Get a life and learn to live it yourself; we have enough “followers” in Congress whiteout having them (you) wondering around the streets too!

My only comment is that Bush came into the White House with a historic surplus that he managed to whittle away in the first year of his Presidency and left the economy a shambles. Thank you very much!

Obama has the economy and jobs improving. As to the trickling down my stocks and funds which were in the toilet are doing great. I got a cola on my pension. So the trickling is doing fine by me. He also got Bin laden and ended the Iraq War and is currently ending the Afghan War. But Im sure these facts mean nothing as they usually dont matter to people on the right.

thank you for standing up for the war profiteers and wall street looters and rich corporations that send jobs overseas. These poor rich people are so unpopular somebody must stand up for them and I am sure they are toasting you with champaign on their yachts and their mansions on the Riviera. Good doggie.

Get Vladimir Putin
Russia won’t mind

Shut up, Jaima. Barack Hussein Obama is the worst ever. And I don’t for ONE MOMENT believe he’s legal and legit.

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