Obama – “Typical White People” ? What are Typical White People?

In an interview, Barack Obama referred to his white grandmother as a “Typical White Person” when speaking about the “fear” white people have about black men.

My question is , What are “Typical White People”?

If John McCain or Hillary Clinton has spoke about “Typical Black…

That is exaclty right! And the Government will do nothing about it when a Black person says it, but if a White person says it about a Black, it starts a National Plauge! Because of the Origin of our Country, we live in a Racist split up country. That is just the way it is. Most of the racial issues are started by blacks, becasue they want to start something. Like Obama saying that, he just wanted to get something started.

Is Obama a typical Black socialist?

I want an apology!!! If a white person in the public sector such as Obama said “typical black person” there would be a public outcry. I want my apology!!!

He is saying that your typical white people are racists

Apparently all white people are typical………..
Hillary 2008

“Typical white people” are people who respond to Obama’s statement with questions like “Who are typical white people?”

Just remember…’typical’ black people are all experts in racism…this help me to make sense of it anyway…lol

“typical” white people shouldnt go to Disney and make a appointment to ride a ride or they will be beat down ……

This kind of racist commentary serves only to divide the American people, not unite them

And he is a Senator, for shame!

He believes we all have a deep-seated bias against black people. How sad.

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