Why don’t none of my friends understand?

Im 13 and dyslexic…none of my friends understand and it upsets me coz they ate always telling me to hurry up and read the page so they can turn it..what can i do???/

They are so mean. At primary school i had a friend who was dyslexic and i was so nice to him. they’re not being fair. Tell them how you feel.

Be patient and explain to them what dyslexia is. They may not understand the complexity of it. Also, you might want to do your reading alone without sharing the book or item with them so that you can take your time. Good luck

I think that you need to just read at your own pace, not paying attention to them. It may be pressure, it may make you feel bad, but they should be the ones who feel worse. Dyslexia is not easy to overcome and each person who suffers through it usually do it in their own way. Just be comfortable with yourself first and if they are rushing you to read faster, tell them to better respect your differences. If they still can’t, then maybe it is time to find different friends.

just keep believing in your self

they just don’t understand that people are not the same as they are

they just don’t see what you are dealing, though i am not saying you’d be given special treatment, what i am saying is they don’t give you respect

i know you can stand by yourself, work hard, let them see the best of you, just work hard, study more than they do, see that you can be the best even if you have some hindrance pulling you

maybe tehy all need is a hot coffee spilled onto them, and that hot coffee is being a hard worker, hard work pays well, it is a hefty job, believe me!

You should read the book “The Gift of Dyslexia”. It will help you understand dyslexia and be able to explain it more clearly to your friends.

there was a recent study on dyslexia and they found out it was mainly caused by a lack of vitimin A in your system. try eating lots of raw carrots. I mean a lot . like two pounds and i guarentee you will feel much better. good luck!!

remind them. not in a bitchy way or anything, just be like “hey you guys i’m having some trouble you cant always expect me to keep up just like you” if that doesn’t work then maybe they aren’t the best friends for you right now, i know it will suck not being their friend, but is it really worth dealing with them rushing you like that? like its not your fault at all.

Just tell them that what is the problem if they are really your friends they will understand and respect that if not they are not your friends just Jump over them and go on your own way…you will find people who love you for who you are.

Respect your self then other people!

well maybe they ain’t even your real friends they should be more understanding tell them your hurt when they say things like that and just talk to the them about it

just try to explain to them. maybe they don’t know what dyslexia means? so if you explain it to them, it could help them understand it better and realize why you tend to read not as fast as them.

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