What are some differences between the American and European cultures?

When I say Europe, I am referring to West, and Central Europe.

One of the main differences is the respect given to workers, in the form of social laws by European governments. In Holland, for instance, if a worker is terminated from a job his retirement account follows him/her to their next job. Second, no citizen in that country need worry about medical care since it is provided by the government . That care is world class and almost free. After thirty years of work service any citizen can retire comfortably under the government retirement system. The price for all these wonderful benefits is a large tax but, for my money, tax or not, one has to pay for benefits. I like their more socialist system because it sets the mind at ease when one does not have to worry about a retirement package and medical care. It is a shame that one third of Americans have no health care and no guaranteed retirement fund. They’ll say that in America you can buy a 401 k plan but there is no guarantee a 401k plan will not fail. Under government control in Holland it’s guaranteed. Almost every European government has such plans in force. Italy’s social benefit package is exceptionally superior. Most Americans are not aware of the superiorty of European governments and its social benefits to the common worker….and that is sad. And even sadder to think that retired Americans have been flocking to Canada to get medicine at a much lower cost. It’s time the American government worried more about home improvement than homeland security.

There are far more similarities , I believe, than differences. Europe is steeped in history and trraditions that go back hundreds and hundreds of years. It is the wise parent who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly too many times to recant.
America is young… consider it the young tempermental teenager still finding its way. Because of its incredible size and strength, it is like a wayward youth with good intentions, but it can also be perceived as a bully. It is still going through growing pains.

Public healthcare!

Also I feel there seems to be a greater emphasis on the individual as opposed to the community in America. Americans tell their children they are special, in the U.K we are more likely to hear “What makes you so special/ the world doesn’t revolve around you!”

A lot of European cities were built before cars, so you don’t get massive spread out places like L.A, where you need a car just to go to the shop.

U.S loves winners– U.K hates them (prefering the underdogs, losers and anti-heros), don’t know about the rest of Europe.

No nudity on T.V in U.S. Plenty in Europe after watershed.

Mexican food is far better in U.S than in Europe.

they fry everything in ireland…just about…also they don’t have the choices on the menus…most of the stuff is automatically a certain way with no substitutes…
most times they are more polite and still open doors for women and step aside to let a woman walk infront…
cabs…in a lot of places are a set rate for the entire town…no matter where you go…

Portion sizes at restaurants. That why a good % of Americans are obese…..we’re working on it though!

Europe = Taste. America = No taste. Simple really.

Eourope has history Amirica doesnt not to mention the ppl there suck

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