Is the baseball section a popularity contest with cliques and unimportan baseball questions OR…in the detail

A real legitamate questions and answers that informs you of baseball related questions

Please answer and star

The Baseball section sadly, is one big huge popularity contest.

Probably 95% of the time the Best answer is giving to the most well known, the most popular, or if they have a top contributor badge, NOT to the real “best answer”.

It SHOULD be about legit questions and answers that are about baseballs history and what it going on in the game today!

And I salute people that are the latter.

The primary abuses of Yahoo Baseball Answers are:
1. The I don’t know answer, or even worse, I “dunno answer” in order to get a quick two points.
2. A statement as a question. You know, make a statement and end it with a question mark.
3. People who post in the wrong category. This is not the fantasy game or the baseball player card dept. or how do you like my jokes or riddles.
4. People who have only one derogatory word for other teams or players or respondents and I do mean the coarse and vulgar term “sucks”.

Everything is about Cliques in life, unfortunately. People star People they know and Like, regardless of the merit of the question…. and They dont star people they dont know or like. I actually dont think theres anything wrong with that. Unless you Maliciously thumbs Down people For no Reason other than not liking them for whatever reason, even if their question is really good, thats petty and stupid. but yes, i agree, everything in life is a popularity contest… so why would it be any different here?

Yes, I think many sections on Y!A are a popularity contests compromised of cliques. There are many good questions on here, asked by intelligent users, so I guess that makes up for it.

Unfortunately I have to say the baseball section is a popularity contest with cliques. Not necessarily cliques are horrible but it would be better if people chose to choose best answers to the person that answered the question “correctly” then to the person who answered is more of a regular but he/she answered “correctly but not 100% correctly.”

Good question!

Since I have been here its been a popularity contest
i almost never get Best answer even when I put in great detail and my best effort
but sometime, it does inform me
but, watcha going to do?

The Entirety of Y!A is a popularity contest which isn’t always a bad thing but it’s also not alwasya good thing I think there is nothing we can change and I generally don’t have a problem with it.

Y!A is nothing but a popularity contest filled with trolls.

yahoo answers is mostly a popularity contest

pretty much a clique.

Same in football, and Rock and Pop, and the rest, as far as I can tell.

It is also the mating grounds for trolls, unfortunately, who delight in nothing more than in reporting legitimate Qs…which Y!A never actually checks on.

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