If Bushs greatest accomplish was “keeping the country safe”…then what exactly was 9/11? I dont understand?

If Bushs greatest accomplish was “keeping the country safe”…then what exactly was 9/11? Are we supposed to forget the first 20% of his first term. For Cheney and Co. to stand up for torture and suggest that the invasion in Iraq was to keep America safe is ludacris. “Bin Laden determined to…

Im a democrat but seriously dude your dead wrong on this

Your point is spot on…but you’ll only get people blaming Clinton for not responding to Bin Laden’s first attack on the WTC (even though it was the GOP who vocally denounced any retribution for it back then). It’s sickeningly funny how the GOP can extend the 9/11 issue back to Clinton but can’t accept the fact GW Bush was President for 6 FULL YEARS before the economy came crashing down yet still want to blame Clinton and even Carter for that…( have to say there is some blame for 9/11 on Clinton but not nearly as much as should go to GWBush since was the sitting President who swore to protect us and Clinton was already gone. Seriously, that’s like blaming a loss on a starting pitcher when he left the game two runs up and no runners on base but the relief pitcher gave up a walk, a single and a homerun in the bottom of the ninth.)

George Bush didn’t become President right away. You are so easily forgetting that his election was challenged by that soar loser Gore and Clinton’s team vandalized the White house computers on the way out, not to mention Bush relied on Clinton appointees for CIA intelligence.
I could see it now. Bush grounds every plane in the country on the morning of 9/11/2001. Liberals complain over all the stranded passengers and call Bush a paranoid tyrant. It’s so easy having everything both ways isn’t it?

9/11 was planned long before Bush was elected. 20% of his term??? What about the first WTC bombing in 93 and USS Cole in 2000? Bush was into his term 8 months when 9/11 happened. Did you forget he served for 8 years? He wasn’t completely innocent, but let’s face it, this was planned under Clinton’s watch, and he knew where Bin Laden was.

He and Clinton were blamed by the commission. Look at both sides instead of spouting off partisan, divisive hate. My brother’s best friend was at his desk at Cantor Fitzgerald that morning, and people like you want to throw it around like a political grenade. Grow up. It’s real.

The Left claims that Bush is the reason we were attacked, but seem to forget that planning was going on while Clinton was in office. I don’t blame Bill Clinton (except for separating the intelligence…that made no sense). Bottom line is they were coming at us no matter what, and they will continue to do so. The most important country on the planet right now is Pakistan. God help us.

Bush had to rebuild a military that your man Clinton almost completely destroyed. And Clinton sat 8 yrs and knew what was being planned and did nothing. I fact he had Bin Laden twice and refused to take him. Get your head out of your liberal a$# and open your eyes. I’m sick of this argument. There is no argument. All this mess falls in Clintons lap. As far as Iraq? Would you rather fight these creeps in dirty bed cloths in the streets of America? Well it may come to that with this current administration.WAKE TO HELL UP. Well never mind. Your a liberal and incapable of independent thought.

9/11 happened exactly 225 days into George Bush’s first term…that is hardly 20% of his term…do the math…it’s 8%…secondly that is the point at which we were attacked and became a target.

You liberals skew things so badly to try to prove points…I’ve gotta hope that you are just doing this to barb people…and that you aren’t actually that dense.

George Bush kept us safe during 7 years of turbulence and war…he kept us safe while over 50 other terrorist attacks were performed in European countries….

He stopped a 9/11 styled attack on Los Angeles…they were WEEKS AWAY from crashing another airliner into a Los Angeles high rise and killing another couple thousand people.

He also quietly removed over 550 metric tons of enriched uranium out of Saddam Husseins weapons facilities for the sake of our safety…all while we were bitching and moaning that he was a liar and that the WMD didn’t exist…..well a nuclear stockade in Canada full of 550 metric tons of “yellowcake” enriched uranium atomic material says otherwise.

When all else fails…blame George Bush right….you have no clue what he has done for this country….keep watching the daily show.

Wow what a moron. 9-11 happened right when Bush took office and was a result of Clinton’s (dem) lack of security measures, he knew Osama Bin Laden was a problem but didnt persue, and the WTC was already attacked once when terrorists tried to blow up the World trade center but failed. After 9-11 Bush passed through several new programs to stop dometic terrorism and since then we have unraveled several major terrorist plots including a major attack in Los Angeles where I live.

Thank you Bush for doing your job.

Meanwhile, Obama just slashed the port security funding.

9/11 happened because Clinton did not take action against Bin Laden when he was offered up. If you are not a veteran that KNOWS what was going on then you are blinded by the ignorance that the media keeps feeding the public. Research it and you will find what I say is true.

Where does Clinton and the WTC Basement Bombings fit into that equation? It’s certainly part of it.

“If you are running a business or leading an organization, always have a bias toward action. The cost of inaction is always greater than the price of a mistake.”
Meg Whitman

The September 11, 2001 massacre of more than 3000 Americans by muslim jihadis who were in the country illegally, was not Bush’s fault, it was William Jefferson Blythe Clinton’s. He had a chance to take OBL out but was more worried about reading rights to the @#$%^.

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