GREEN survey????

Do you hang your laundry on clothes lines or things like this…
or but them in the dryer?

my mom always uses a clothes line…

Some of my clothes go in the dryer and some go on a line or hang dry.

Well i hang them on clothes lines when it’s sunny out. But most of the time the weathers not really sunny, so i have to use the dryer.

I would hang them but I live in townhomes so I can’t hang them outside.. I do hang some in the laundry room on the bar above the washer/drier, it’s pretty long, but I do have to dry some.

Put them in the dryer…I’m confused, how is this a green survey?

The dryer.

dryer and we hang up some stuff on a window on a hanger =]

Hang them out on the clothes line. =]

i hang out my clothes as much as i can..but on rainy days i obviously cant so i hav to use the electric dryer…

dryer, but i went to try doing it like that. saves energy 🙂


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