After Mitt Romney becomes president?

Do you want him to have Eric Holder arrested and prosecuted for his many gun running crimes?

GWB had several AG’s but for some reason Obama seems to need to hang on to Holder. I would like Holder to be held accountable, not act as if our laws are not for him to follow.

That is arrogance and the Obama administration has been too full of it.

And if the web were in 1960, those question may be about the vatican taking on the U. S. then. yet, like then, the LDS Church received’t take over the U. S.. Mitt Romney is operating for the Presidency, not a non secular chief. and we may nonetheless have both homes of Congress operating this usa. there are only some LDS in Congress. What I problem extra about is that the Conservatives will attempt to prohibit the Democrats in the experience that they get a majority in Congress. This usa may grow to be a form of Islamic usa. Biblical Sharia guidelines related to abortion, females’s birth control may move into result. females couldn’t get medical coverage for his or her checks, and females may be dealt with as second type electorate at the same time as it got here to searching jobs and getting paid both for his or her artwork. the subsequent belongings you’ll see is the bringing decrease back of Biblical gown codes. females may ought to positioned on scarfs, lengthy clothing and no earrings. TDs, it really is what the Conservatives attempt to do now. they’re impressing their Biblical perspectives on those who do not view the Bible as they do. the U. S. is a hodgepodge of diverse non secular people, not only what those Christians contained in the domicile are. Our founding fathers and those formerly them got here to the U. S. to get faraway from only about all those regulation and worship as they stated in good condition.

You mean Once upon a time in another Universe far far away
Mitt Romney became president .
And I like Erick Holder .

I believe there is evidence that Eric Holder broke the law and if he did he should face the consequences of the law just like anyone else.

Alcatraz needs to be reopened first. Unless The Ch√Ęteau d’If can be had. He’s not just guilty of gun running. He’s an accessory after the fact to murder. Abuse of power and office.

No it’s not a matter of just disagreeing. It’s a matter of crime.

Lol so many commies on here, I guarantee this will get 10 dislikes because it calls them out and differs from there opinions. I think if justice needs to be done, Romney will do it.

Romney is at the hands of big corporate money and individuals who agreed to back him only after all the other Republicans whom they preferred had negative information about their past or made negative comments during the primaries. I do not trust Romney because he clearly followed Obama’s path with his own healthcare, pro-choice, and gun control while he was governor of Massachusetts. Now that he is running for President he denied he was ever for any of the convictions he stood for not long ago. Currently he talks about a plan to establish a plan to plan for a plan to motivate the planning of a strategy for a plan.

He’s not a man; he’s a commercial. He speaks about a plan but he has never provided any concrete information. Some people believe that because he is a businessman he will have been knowledge to fix our economy. But one of the most successful businessman – Herbert Hoover – led our country into the Great Depression and it was the confidence and the intelligence of a Democratic President that helped recover our economy. Another President with an MBA burned through our budget surplus and left our country in taters and at war.

The debt growth while he was governor was during different economic times. There has been a worldwide economic crisis since 2008. Unemployment with our European allies hovers at 20-25%. There are parents who are giving up their children to orphanages because they can no longer afford to care for them. We are fortunate that our economy is somewhat stable in these dire times. We are now at 8.1%. When Reagan was President, his unemployment figures always hovered between 7.1% and 7.4%.

I also feel Romney will endanger our foreign policies. He travelled to Europe and to Israel this summer and was able to infuriate one of our biggest allies and made a comment about Jewish people that was both rude to the Jewish people and to their Arab neighbors. He has stated that he is ready to go to war – but to what avail. Obama saved our troops from Libya and Syria – not one American life was lost but we are getting the results there that we need.

I am voting for the best candidate: President Obama.

In answer to your first line!

You will see pigs flying over the White House!!!

Send him to Gitmo where he will be with his friends. We can give him a trial, in sequence, after the others have been tried.

Never going happen. He won’t get the votes. He is one and done.

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