Why is it so hard for people to follow the rules on Yahoo Answers?

Every day I read posts calling people names, insulting other members, ranting about a favorite topic instead of asking a question, using bad language or in other ways violating the rules that Yahoo posts so clearly. When these people have their questions removed or their accounts suspended, they come back and…

It is strange, isn’t it? Bur remember who these people are. Most of them are male, most likely teenagers or early twenties. Think about the conversations you hear in groups of young men. They consider the F word just another adjective, and can’t get through a sentence without a 4-letter word or two. They insult each other routinely. And they get extremely hostile if anyone objects to any of this. Barbara Strauch wrote wonderful book recently called “The Primal Teen,” talking about recent research on brain development among young people. The brain at that age is completely reorganizing itself, much as it does in toddlers. One of the last areas of the brain to form is the part that lets people monitor their own behavior- the internal censor, if you will. A lot of these people truly don’t know any better. As Strauch says in her book “If you ever thought that teenagers were crazy – well, you’re right, they are.”

These people should realize this is a question and answer forum not a place to vent rant. This is not to use a soapbox. The community guidelines
Quite a number of these people you are talking about have their accounts suspended because of violation of the guidelines.
I too have seen questions using bad language and the same with the answers.
The people who come back and complain because they didnt bother to read the guidelines and TOS

I saw this question yesterday. It was a simple one. One reply was FULL of insults, swear words, and threats and had nothing to do with the question. I don’t get it either. I see it this way, If I can help some one with what I know, great. If I have no idea what the answer could be, I just go past it until I find one I may know.

Ignore them and move on. Why do you care?

I haven’t read all of the rules. I certainly do not have them memorized. Some topics are emotional so you get emotional reactions. Lighten up. Consider the forum.
I don’t know what the big deal is.

I’m not sure that I’ve read all of the rules. Or could remember them. I am very disappointed with so many of the answers that I see. When I see misspelling, I think lazy. And I think that many of the answers are rude and flippant. And I’ve been trying to get AVATARS that represent older people that are actually OLD! And I think that there should be young AVATARS that are children…for those of us that want to represent ourselves honestly.

They have too much free time on their hands. So people just like breaking rules, they like to “stick out” and I am thinking having their rants posted on Yahoo Answers makes them feel important. They wanna be rebels!


Most of these Members do not know the meaning of Questions and Answers…. They do not know when a question is not a question, and an answer is not an answer.

Most of these Members believe once they answer a question, the question is being answered, because they attempt to respond.

These Members are not only children, they’re grown up Members as well who do not understand what a question and an answer is.

For the past 4 months or so I have been preaching to them who frequently find themselves in violation that Yahoo! ask that community members follow the question-and-answer format because Yahoo! Answers is a question-and-answer community. This means when you post a question, it must be written in the form of a question. When you post an answer, it must attempt to answer the question being asked.

I also clarified how to share personal opinion.

Respectfully expressed strong opinions that contribute to useful knowledge for the community are OK on Yahoo! Answers. However, questions and answers that express hate and intolerance have no place on Yahoo! Answers and should be reported. Do not use slurs to refer to groups of people, do not insult other members, and do not act in a belligerent manner towards others. Read more here http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/answers…

Most Members argue that if other Members do not like their response, then they should ignore it and move on. But the problem is that we can’t expect Members to feel offended and simply ignore posts. We must behave acceptable on here.

Opinions are helpful when they allow us to learn more about another’s experiences to help inform our decisions. But things get a bit trickier in topics that are more personal or controversial than “how to” style Q&A.

Our Community Guideline reads:

Be courteous. Yahoo! Answers is a diverse community of people with diverse opinions. It is up to each of us to be polite and treat each other with respect.

Diversity is a very important part of community. It’s important to remember that Answerers come in all shapes and sizes, from many different backgrounds and viewpoints. In a community this diverse, it may be difficult to tell when personal opinions are appropriate and helpful.

When reading a question, consider who the Asker expects to answer their question:

Does the topic in question conflict with your personal beliefs? If so, you might want to refrain from answering if you can’t keep your objections to the topic to yourself. Remember, the asker is looking for an answer, not a fight.
Is the Asker seeking unique and differing opinions, or a factual answer? If they’re asking for advice it might be best to refrain from answering with just an opinion.
Lack of courtesy can also happen when asking questions. Consider how your question will sound to Answerers before you post it.

Does your question sound like it targets a certain group’s beliefs or opinions? Does it use words or phrases that you would find offensive if said about your beliefs or opinions? If so, you might want to rephrase it or ask a different question.
Are you genuinely looking for an answer to your question, or are you provoking a debate? If you really do want to hear other’s opinions, ask for them – and treat your Answerers with respect.

Dissenting opinions can be very valuable to the community, as long as we all remember to be respectful and courteous

I totally agree with your post here.

take care

1) because there’s no face to face interaction so there’s nothing to be immedietly worried about

2) just because something is a rule doesen’t mean people are going to follow it. Driving without your seatbelt is illegal but that doesen’t stop people from doing it. That’s more dangerous then being rude on yahoo answers

I don’t know what it is .. But, if you go into the Dog section and tell people that you feed a dog food tha many vets said it was okay ..

They’ll report you and call you a bad dog owner.

It’s terrible.YA is just full of drama, like high school.

They just don’t understand that there are rules to follow. They probably act the same way while driving.

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