WHY DOES THE BIBLE say marry the guuy who rapes you and why is it full of errors?

Rape is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Yet few people know that the Bible often condones and even approves of rape. How anyone can get their moral guidance from a book that allows rape escapes me. Perhaps they have been lied to about the Bible and carefully detoured around all the nasty stuff in the…

That link you posted is bogus and stop saying GOD condones this stuff, what is it with you people. If you hate the Lord so much and think he’s sooooooooooo evil, go about your merry little way and leave us all to the truth we know.

Just remember, it’s all of us that will be standing beside him on judgment day as his true friends. Where are you going to be?!

I’d first like to point out that your link does not work. That said, your argument is invalid. Unless you can point out a verse from the Bible that condones rape, (and you can’t because no such verse exists) I suggest you stop posting questions criticising other peoples beliefs. And if you think that your website (which for all I know doesn’t exist, as the link doesn’t work) is more credible than my seventeen years spent actually reading the Bible, going to church with Biblical scholars, and attending Christian Bible camps, you’ve got another thing coming.

I see nothing to make me suspect that these were not okayed by the women. If everyone knew that the men of Benjimen were going to be hiding in the vinyards, that would include the women who went dancing. They *knew* they were going to be “kidnapped.” They were okay with it. And as for the women taken from neighboring countries, trust me, they were better off, the neighboring countries all practiced ritual human sacrifice and while the Jews had laws governing how they were to treat their wives, not all their neighbors did. And there weren’t enough women to go arround… how do you think they chose who got a wife and who didn’t? They may well have asked the women to pick a husband. They weren’t happy with the tribe of Benjimin at this point, so they wouldn’t have let them choose.

Were you there when the Bible talks about taking a wife? How do you know exactly what it means? I don’t think your over 1,500 years old. Why do you enjoy spreading hatred so much? I really feel sorry for you that this is the way you get your jollies. What a way to live a life. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Remember God loves you always.

Asalam Mualaikum

How come Muslims cannot face up to the fact that mohamad are not prophet of Allah ??,

Because Allah, will not allow man to have 2/3/4 wife by any excuse. So all the pervert, sex maniac, child molester cannot be good man.

Because Allah, will not allow their beleiver to kill, torture, harash, hate other beleiver. Allah never teach full of hate with each other human being that He created. Also Christians, Chatolics, Jews have the same God, Allah of Abraham, I dont know about Islam because if your prophet from the same God your prophet will not teach you to hate the same beleiver.

Infront of Allah, all human are the same right. But Mohammad that claim him self as prophet teach many discrimination against women ????

Allah never teach with violent, full of hate, full of pleasure, so do you think Mohamad is the real prophet from Allah ???

Wake Uppp !!! I am EX-MUSLIM 10 years ago, and I am happy after I change to Christians, because there is no hate and violence.

Please stop spreading the Lie all over the internet. There is only 2 kind of muslim, Good Muslim (Terrorist/Mujahidin), Bad Muslim (non Terrorist/non Mujahidin).

Peace are opposite way with Violence.

AsadhuAllah hillah haiallah
Mohhamad Rasul Satan

You are a malicious little twit, it does not condone rape in the way you mean. You search endlessly for something to attack God and His children about, you would be better off trying to learn instead of trying to go to war against an unbeatable GOD. A waste of time.

Even i know that this is false
the bible has rape and incest and all that stuff, but never approves it. I think some of these people deserve this from mis quoting the qu’ran and stuff like that.

The bible does speak of rape, incest, murder, homosexuality, nudity, idol worship, drunkeness, and many evils of the world. But it never condones any of this evil.

I went to the website you posted and read everything that was there.
Every bit of it was out of context with a bad translation.
If you think the Bible is a sick pathetic book full of mess, why don’t you talk about something else and forget it?
If it means nothing to you at all, then talk about something else, and stop talking about things that you could care less about. …..

You don’t know the Bible so quit trying to quote it.

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