Why did Nene wimp out on Star on ‘The Apprentice’?

*Note* – You may not want to read if you haven’t watched the show yet*.

Last night she wimped out on saying that Star should have been the one to get the boot and be fired, and any other time she’s flapping her lips about Star and Bashing Star or yelling at Star. She had her chance last night to…

why does everyone say Latoya was weak? she wasn’t weak, she did what she was supposed to do. and if she was weak then the judges would not have liked her work. but time after time for all the challenges the judges always mentions Latoya’s work as the best. now how is that weak? if they wanted to win challenges they should have kept laToya because she said in her confessional what Star is doing is crap, its boring and its been done before. LaToya said the judges wanted us to think out of the box. and I loved it when she said ” Corny” during the presentation. I thought thier presentation was corney too

. Latoya is smart, and she was correct in everything she ever said on that show. and she is strong. nene said Latoya stands up to star so she can’t be weak. plus she is the one who first said Star is playing us, she purposely put nene and laToya together so they will fight but they foiled that by making up. i wonder if donald told her to do that for ratings or if she did that so she can blame thier fighting as a reason to kick one of them out.

and how much do you hate donald trump. he is an instigator. look at how he asked little john ” it will be real bad if he called you “Boy” wouldn’t it little john, and when little john didn’t respond he asked him again. it was a racist comment for trump to make but he did it on the sly.

also donald wanted some drama thats why he asked nene about LaToya. and what he said about star’s butt that its not as big as before. donald is a skank, sorry but he is.just listen to what he says and how he tries to set people up for ratings. then he comes in talking about I’m running for president would you vote for me.

this show and donal trump is a ratings whore and no way would I ever vote for him as president..Are you kidding me?

Oh and I agree with you about nene’s chance to get star out of the game.

In answering your question: I Nene was taken by surprise. I dont’ know how much time they sat out there waiting for trump to call them back into the room, but that’s all the time she had to think of her strategy. If she had more time to think about it then she probably would have targeted Start instead of Latoya. It’s possible that she was faced with a split second decision. Going by next week’s promos, it looks like Nene had time to think about what Star did and now she’s fighting mad, lol. Maybe if she had that same amount of time last night then she would have gone after star. Being put on the spot can make a difference in how you react – you need to make a split second decision, and in nene’s case she went with the safest or easiest route. I don’t think nene is as quick on her feet as star is. I mean, star gave them all her strategy when she chose who to take to the boardroom, lol. Nene isn’t that quick on her feet.

Actually, Trump isn’t a fake. He’s quite consistent. Star Jones is exactly the type of person he’d hire. I’ve watched The Apprentice since it’s inception – both regular and celebrity – and if Trump is ANYTHING, he’s consistent about what he likes in someone to run his company. Whether or not you like Star as a person isn’t the point. She’s a leader and has the type of personality that won’t let anyone run over her or take advantage of her and she also commands respect. That’s the type of person Trump likes. He’s quite consistent with that in both versions of Apprentice.

Also, Star was smart about it. Star took responsibility for the setup of that absurd presentation – that’s what made them lose. Trump asked her if she should be fired and she said no. That’s a smart move. Never say you want to be fired, lol. Remember Mark McGrath? He told Trump that if his team lost because of the theme then he takes full responsibility for it and should be fired. They lost because of the theme and he was fired. I think had he not set himself up to be fired then Trump would have seriously considered firing Busey. Star Jones is a fighter and that’s why she’s still in the game. If you easily give up like Dionne then you’re going to be fired.

Also, lets face it. Latoya was weak. She’s not a good team leader and she’s a weak player. She doesn’t have the respect of her teammates. That’s important. Trump has FIRED people in past seasons because they lost all respect from their teammates and therefore couldn’t be a good team leader. Trump is NOT going to let a weak player like Latoya make it to the end. Another thing you should know if you consistently watch the show is that the team leader does not always get fired. You’re more likely to get fired in the beginning if you’re the TL and your team loses and this is because there’s no real way to assess your leadership qualities, how you work with your teammates, if they respect you, etc. As time goes on, all that changes.

He did a good job of getting rid of Latoya. She’s weak. She wasn’t the PM, but she’s a weak player. It’s getting down to the crunch time and you don’t want weak people on your team or making it to the end. You just don’t.

Dont’ get me wrong. I like Latoya. She’s a fine human-being. She’s just not the type of leader Trump needs. That’s all. It’s nothing personal. It’s business.

LaToya is very shrewd, she is much more substantial than I would ever have thought before seeing her on the show. She pegged NeNe as a big bully–and that’s exactly right. Bullies are cowards deep down, so that is why NeNe wimped out. As for Star–again LaToya called it when she said that Star arranges things so that she is always in charge, but never at fault. Star was the PM, it was all her concepts, she should have been fired. I’m sure NeNe will go next, because she isn’t very bright.

I have too agree with the posts that stated NeNe wimped out, however, this is a ” Reality” show, and it is after all, ALL about the ratings. If the show was boring, who would want to watch it? I think Trump does a great job bringing attention to controversial and incendiary issues. In doing so, this keeps the show interesting and edgy.

With that being said, I dislike Star, but I think NeNe was looking at the women’s team going forward as a whole, rather than who performed their task on an individual basis. If Ne Ne was smart, she would have let loose on Star, for I think NeNe believes Star is her biggest threat, so why not go after her? I do not think NeNe was looking down the road at the end result, even though they are 2 teams, in the end there will be only one winner. NeNe is not even remotely as sharp as Star. The only advantage NeNe has is that she is LOUDER, which does not necessitate being smarter.

Star was smart to bring NeNe and LaToya into the board room, because Star knew NeNe would voice her opinion that she thought LaToya was the weakest player. Star wanted friction between those two, and in the end, Star did a masterful job of manipulating ANY finger pointing towards herself, and as PM, that is not an easy feat to accomplish.

Last nights show really did not even focus on the other two women, there was nothing specific to fault them on nor was there anything to praise them for. The other two women were pretty safe, so LaToya and NeNe were the obvious two choices for the Boardroom. Also, on one of LaToya’s cameo shots, LaToya said Star would shift all the responsibilities to the individuals, this way Star purposely took any blame off herself. In the end, that is exactly what Star did, she made it about the others personal differences, and took the spotlight off herself. Very good strategy on Stars part, as she believes NeNe is not her intellectual equal and feels she can outwit NeNe. In my opinion, Star does not view Ne Ne as a threat.

I wish LaToya would have spoken up in the Board room, as she did in another cameo shot, saying that the add concept was not creative, nor original. I also wish she would have confronted Star when the team was discussing the concept. I loved the fact that she said that the pitch was corney. LaToya should not have allowed Star to bulldoze over her, as LaToya does have Star figured out to a “T”. The only flaw for LaToya is that she is not a controversial person, nor does she like to be adversarial. I think she is much smarter than she gets credit for, but unfortunately, she would prefer to keep the peace, which in the end was her downfall. LaToya is not weak, she is soft spoken, but in this situation I wish she would have voiced her very insightful observations. Star is a great strategic player, but not a personal fan of mine. I think Marlee is another woman who could turn the tables here…..Next weeks “cat fight” should be interesting…………………………..

The Star and Nene battle has just begun. It’s going to get heated soon! I’ve read articles about the big blowup they have and it hasn’t been shown yet on the show.
I’m not sure what she was thinking, why she thought LaToya should leave instead of Star but I know she regrets it now.
Trump keeps whoever will cause the most drama on the show. That’s obvious. Because drama = ratings. He must’ve known that Nene and Star butting heads would be epic.

it was a hard decision for him I guess. but he did it for ratings. he knows nene and star brings ratings im sure he’s not dumb he even mentioned laytoya did well and everyone love her when she was project manager she could do no wrong. SO the only reason for his choice had to be for ratings. I can’ t see him overpassing NENE who is illed mannered and swears like a sailor and Star to continue one of them had to go as you said they cause lots of problems … Star is very manipulative we saw how lisa rena was treated … And Ne ne is just low class trash that trump could never want either of them running his company. I think if they got rid of either nene or star perhaps Laytoya could go on her own and make it more fair . Really what manager would allow Star who manipulates and only does graphics for each chalenge and ne ne flipping out at members each week would allow that to continue.

I think Mr trump is smart but he let it slide this time around for ratings money speaks volumes in bus8iness not so much who deserves to leave or who causes havic if it was your company you’d want the bad apples to go but this is television.

well i think they want to keep star and nene around for the rating factor
for the main part
Latoya has been week on every episode

The BIGGEST whimp ever and I do mean BIGGEST….she had her chance to oust Star and she couldn’t do it….that shows me she shouldn’t be in the game herself….had she left La Toya in who in her words she thought was meek and mild she might have a better chance to further herself in the game…..NOT that NeNe is going to win BECAUSE she knows nothing about nothing she tries to act like she knows BUT she doesn’t.

Technically NeNe and Star should have left in the limo together and duked it out in there……….two loser’s….gee I wonder if Barbara Walters was watching.

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