Why did Lebron take his talents to South Beach?

Lebron has to do whats best for Lebron

Because he realized Cleavland sucks and he couldn’t make it to te finals if he’s the leader of the team so he had to hop on d wades little sack just like chris Bosh, but its all good cuz the lakers are gonna smash at the finals, it should of been the cavaliers but now we get to take out the Heat because Lebron is a hood hopper.



LeBron James would call you racist

lebron suks

women are better looking in Miami than Cleveland

He has no leadership skills ,So going to a team that has a leader (DWade) things could be easier for him.

plain and simple:to win a championship

he wanted to win

couldn’t get it done as batman, now he’s LeRobin to D-Wade.


Thats it

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