Why are white men dating black women?

I am a black woman btw.

This white guy who went to my school (who I could’ve sworn was racist) now likes black girls and I am absolutely appalled.

My college friend keeps on going out with white guys and it horrifies me.

I feel like my feelings are justified….white men usually bash black women calling us…

“white men usually bash black women calling us ugly and a myriad of other undesirable names.”

Wait, isn’t your question asking why white men date black women? If they’re dating them, then what leads you to believe they hate them? That makes no sense.

“No matter what anyone says history has a way of immersing itself into the present”

That isn’t true at all. Slavery’s been gone for over a century and segregation ended half a century ago. I could understand your gripes a little more if you actually had to live through it, but you look young enough in the picture for me to believe you didn’t experience the times when racism was at its peak. It’s time for you to stop whining about crap that didn’t/doesn’t affect you. I can’t help what my great great great grandpa did back in the 1800s. It doesn’t mean I’m the same way just because I have the same skin colour.

“White people (by a long shot) are the shallowest…most are concerned with the superficial.”
“Yes, I do have a problem with whites but it’s not based on appearance, it’s from their repulsive narcissistic flavorless culture”
“Also, as a black women it is an insult to your race to date a white man”
“I just despise whites”

That right there is a perfect example of racism. You’re blaming our entire race for crap that happened over 100 years ago — crap that we had no part of, crap that we have no control over, crap that happened BEFORE WE WERE EVEN BORN. I just find it hilarious you just wrote a bloody novel throwing every derogative term in the book at whites, but in the same breath you complained about yourself getting badmouthed. What a hypocrite.

I don’t have a problem with black people. However, I do have a problem with black people like you. The ones who are still holding a grudge just because of what our ancestors did. The ones who are becoming racist themselves, now that you are finally getting your rights back. The ones who use the color of their skin to get their way. It’s like you think that since you are getting better off than your ancestors had it, that you think it’ll continue to incline. I’m sorry, but there is a plateau effect, you won’t continue to get more rights and freedoms and overcome whites. Both whites and black, males and females, pretty much are equal now. There are still a few racial problems today, but you’re just going to have to deal with it. The government can’t change our outlook on other people, or the way that we feel about others. Life is never going to be completely perfect. I wish it would be, but I still think it is pretty much fine just the way it is.

The truth is because some black men are self hating, and bash black women in this process. This is why many of us get mad. There’s nothing wrong with it, just as long as you don’t bash your own race. The truth is also they often do it for mixed kids with long hair and light skin, slave mindset. I love white men, but don’t say, black men attitude, I hate black men and others. Black men get mad when we do it too. Some I mean, like it’s o.k. for them not us, hypocrisy. Also 41.2 % of black women are unmarried, we feel like they’re taking all of them, white women can GET ANY RACE BLACK WOMEN ARE LIMMITED, WATCH DARK GIRLS DOCUMENTARY OR LIGHT GIRLS, YOU UNDERSTAND. Counting gay black m, jail, it makes it even more slim. Nothing against it, but most of the time, they think it’s a prize or award. I gave up, most of the men who liked me were white… in fact, more black men are saying that they only date white women, or rap songs bashing black women. This is sad our generation has gone down…

Wow… you’re attitude is disgusting. White people may seem that way to you because you put off this aura so they act differently towards you. Otherwise, most white people are perfectly fine with black people. And overall, white people do not have a culture considering they cover many continents. And black people are not the only people who have been discriminated against.

I’m sorry you feel this way but you’re completely wrong. I’m black and skin color has nothing to do with liking someone. I like white guys, black guys, all races if they have nice personalities. This is why some white guys don’t date black girls because they think we’re all like you. Don’t categorize a race of people because you will always be wrong. YOU”RE shallow and i’d hate to be compared to a person like you just because i’m a black girl. YOU are an insult to our race.

Why is it any of your business who other people choose to date? You seem to be a very angry and judgmental person, and the things you wrote are just as racist as the accusations you are making about others. But then, its all about you, isn’t it? Be happy. Life is too short.

you need a grip on reality.. wow i thought we were past the segregation days? you can be pretty in any race color does not matter maybe a white guy hasnt liked you because you ask questions like this

Shallow, you need to look in a mirror, it seems to me that you have a problem with white men.

As i have answered a different question earlier, tell that to my white mate and his black wife.

I’m afraid that, what you see about white culture is only what you want to see.

What you are is racist, yes i said racist, you have ideas in your head about how bad white men and the culture.

i love how people are designated as “white” or “black” those are colors and just FYI “white” people we enslaved several times as well along with middle easterners, black people just happened to be one of the most recent

Sounds like you have issues with yourselves, colors and others.
Now that is a lot of issues and ‘yahoo answers’ ain’t featuring in any of list-of-actions required to deal with it

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