What can i do my 6 yr old wets the bed every night?

Every night my 6 yr old girl wets the bed she has a hard time holding it during the day to … she dont have any thang to drank after 5 bc of it but she still wets the bed is there any over the counter meds she can take to help her at night ??? and yes she has been to see a dr but they say it will pass… i dont…

First of all just make sure you don’t punish her for it, she obviously can’t help it. I’ve heard of kids wetting the bed up to age 8. Buy a good bed pad to prevent the mattress from getting wet and being smelly. Also make sure there isn’t something happening to her, some kind of trauma that someone could be causing to her that is making her do this. Keep a watch on her to see how she acts during the day just to rule out things. If the doctor checked her for a bladder infection and you’ve ruled out other causes, then it will pass, just be patient with her.

there’s a hormone maximum persons improve around the age of two and a nil.5 that prevents our bladder filling for the period of the night on an analogous cost it fills for the period of the day. an analogous hormone ‘triggers’ us to wake as quickly as we ought to pee. some little ones don’t get this hormone until eventually later – my friends son nevertheless wets the mattress at age 10 (besides the actuality that not each and every night) It does not sound like his fault that he won’t wake however the pull-united statesaspect is in his administration and easily he must be made to positioned on them. i understand donning them would be embarrassing for him which you would be able to need some style of ‘bribe’ if he wears them for each week and saves your sheets! i’d have him appeared at by using a doctor and optimistically it extremely is something he will improve out of. meanwhile you could ought to wake him 2-three times interior the night to make him circulate.

well when she goes to bed make sure she pees really well before she goes to sleep than in the middle of the night make her get up and pee than in the morning make her pee in the whole day from like 9am-8pm she sould pee up to 7-9 times as little as she is also u can get them from walmart there like the “pee-pee pads so they dont rurnin ur sheets and i kno it may sound weared but also try the overnightundies for kid alot of kid at this age have this problem she normal just ever night enstead of putting on her regular pantie put on like pull ups for kids if she ask y make up a reason don’t make her feel bad about her self.

Have her wear pull-ups (diaper like underwear) and yes it will pass. The more you stress about it the longer it will go on.

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