Survey!!!!! (Ur Fav.)?

1. Ur Fav. Color
2. Ur Fav. Animal
3. Ur Fav. Band
4. Ur Fav.Actor
5. Ur Fav. Actress
6. Ur Fac. Movie
7. Ur Fav. Song
8. Ur Fav. Place
9. Ur Fav. Music Video
10. Ur Fav. Class
11. Ur Fav. Instrument
12. Ur Fav. Sport
13. Ur Fav. Thing To Do
14. Ur Fav. Book
15. Ur Fav. Store
Hope You Enjoyed it

1. Ur Fav. Color – Red
2. Ur Fav. Animal – Tiger
3. Ur Fav. Band – Erm… so many to choose from.. either Taking Back Sunday or The Used or Escape The Fate
4. Ur Fav.Actor – Edward Norton
5. Ur Fav. Actress – Natalie Portman
6. Ur Fac. Movie – Fight Club or Requiem For A Dream
7. Ur Fav. Song – at the moment ‘Something’ by Escape The Fate
8. Ur Fav. Place – My room
9. Ur Fav. Music Video – ‘Cute Without The E’ by Taking Back Sunday. Watch it. It’s Fight Club squeezed into 3 minutes.
10. Ur Fav. Class – History or Psychology
11. Ur Fav. Instrument – ELECTRIC GUITAR
12. Ur Fav. Sport – Football (Australian football, not soccer)
13. Ur Fav. Thing To Do – Listen to music
14. Ur Fav. Book – Fight Club! No, just wanted to say it again… I’ll say Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
15. Ur Fav. Store – Wow, not sure… oh wait, Borders, coz you can sit in there and read all the magazines or books you want, and no one says anything *cheapskate alert*
Hope You Enjoyed it – Why thankyou sir

1. Ur Fav. Color: Turquoise and lime green
2. Ur Fav. Animal: Panda
3. Ur Fav. Band: IDK
4. Ur Fav.Actor: Will Smith
5. Ur Fav. Actress: Reese Witherspoon
6. Ur Fac. Movie: I have a whole bunch.
7. Ur Fav. Song: I have a whole list.
8. Ur Fav. Place: HOME
9. Ur Fav. Music Video: There is a lot.
10. Ur Fav. Class: P.E.
11. Ur Fav. Instrument: Acoustic Guitar and piano
12. Ur Fav. Sport: Volleyball
13. Ur Fav. Thing To Do: Listen to music
14. Ur Fav. Book: Twilight…. The series
15. Ur Fav. Store: Target
Hope You Enjoyed it

1. Crimson.
2. I don’t really care. I guess…eagle?
3. Right now it’s between Lapush and Club 8.
4. Gaspard Ulliel.
5. Natalie Portman/Shannyn Sossamon/Audrey Tautou.
6. Garden State.
7. Look After You& Aurora.
8. In an empty meadow, on a nice summer day. Or if you want specific, I’d have to say Latina& area in Italy. Kelowna in BC is gorgeous too. Aaaand the entire state of Nevada.
9. **** In My Pants – The Lonely Island.
10. Social even though it’s a bore.
11. The human voice is so much better. But violin is beautiful too.
12. Baseball.
13. Laze around in the sun.
14. Memnoch the Devil.
15. H& M.

1. Ur Fav. Color

2. Ur Fav. Animal
Winnie the pooh

3. Ur Fav. Band

4. Ur Fav.Actor
Tom Cruize, Brad Pitt

5. Ur Fav. Actress
Anne Hathway, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz

6. Ur Fac. Movie
The Godfather

7. Ur Fav. Song
Mama Mia (ABBA)

8. Ur Fav. Place
Home !!!!

9. Ur Fav. Music Video
Show me the meaning

10. Ur Fav. Class

11. Ur Fav. Instrument

12. Ur Fav. Sport
Ice Skating

13. Ur Fav. Thing To Do
Annoy my sibling

14. Ur Fav. Book

15. Ur Fav. Store
Wal Mart

1. Ur Fav. Color-Blue
2. Ur Fav. Animal-Snake
3. Ur Fav. Band-Lil wayne(not a bank but o well)
4. Ur Fav.Actor-hard… many here are some….tommy le jones, eddie griffin,mike epps, jim carey, jack nicholason
5. Ur Fav. Actress-jessica alba or jessica biel
6. Ur Fac. Movie-role models prob
7. Ur Fav. Song-sky is the limit by lil wayne
8. Ur Fav. Place-somewere warm
9. Ur Fav. Music Video- Stay Fly – Three 6 Mafia
10. Ur Fav. Class-math
11. Ur Fav. Instrument-dont got one?
12. Ur Fav. Sport-basketball or football prob
13. Ur Fav. Thing To Do-watch movies
14. Ur Fav. Book-dont got one
15. Ur Fav. Store-walmart forsures

1. Red
2. Tiger
3. Escape The Fate
4. Ben Stiller
5. Amanda Bynes
6. Zoolander
7. Prayer of the Refugee
8. Friendly’s
9. Coffee Shop Soundtrack
10. Biology
11. Bass Guitar
12. Baseball (to watch)
13. Paint
14. Blue Like Jazz
15. Hot Topic
Yes, I enjoyed

1. Ur Fav. Color (Green)
2. Ur Fav. Animal (chimps, gorrilas, elephants, dogs n cats)
3. Ur Fav. Band ( outkast )
4. Ur Fav.Actor ( Jonny Depp)
5. Ur Fav. Actress (Angelia Jolie)
6. Ur Fac. Movie (kill bill)
7. Ur Fav. Song (anything by outkast or Tupac)
8. Ur Fav. Place (where ever keith is at)
9. Ur Fav. Music Video ( i hate music videos)
10. Ur Fav. ( I only have 2 i hate them both)
11. Ur Fav. Instrument (piano, i can’t play though)
12. Ur Fav. Sport (football)
13. Ur Fav. Thing To Do (smoke bud)
14. Ur Fav. Book ( anything telling a story)
15. Ur Fav. Store (hot topic, American apparral, mix 5)

Colour >Blue
Animal >Coyotes and dolphins
Band > AAR, Angels & Airwaves
Actor > Zac Efron
Actress > Miley Cyrus
Movie > Hannah Montana The Movie
Song > 7 Things
Place > Disney World
Music Video > Ok Go Here It Goes Again
Class > Creative Writing
Instument > My voice, or guitar
Sport > Basketball
Thing To do > Play Guitar Hero, Watch Youtube videos, or obsess over Miley Cyrus
Book > (Full Service)
Store > Walmart

1. Ur Fav. Color- pink
2. Ur Fav. Animal- dog
3. Ur Fav. Band- secondhand serenade
4. Ur Fav.Actor- shia labeouf
5. Ur Fav. Actress- alexis bledel
6. Ur Fac. Movie- disturbia
7. Ur Fav. Song- crazier by taylor swift
8. Ur Fav. Place- the beach
9. Ur Fav. Music Video- hot’n cold by katy perry
10. Ur Fav. Class- english
11. Ur Fav. Instrument- guitar
12. Ur Fav. Sport- field hockey
13. Ur Fav. Thing To Do- shop
14. Ur Fav. Book- beach blondes
15. Ur Fav. Store- abercrombie
Hope You Enjoyed it- i have!

1. Grey
2. Bird (one that flies)
3. I couldn’t choose a fav.
4. Edward Norton
5. Zooey Deschanel
6. Sweeny Todd – the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
7. See #3
8. On the coaster at Six Flags
9. “The Dope Show” – Marilyn Manson
10. comparative religions
11. piano
12. Drag racing
13. Read/Listen to Music/Draw
14. “I Am Morgan Le Fay” – Nancy Springer
15. Borders
It was lovely, thank you very much
*gasp* I can’t believe you liked To Kill A Mockingbird! Most people I know hate it. It effing changed my life…

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