Should you wear socks having sex?

Alright, so i got into this argument with my girlfriend the other day about if you should wear socks having sex or not (random i know) ? What are u guys thoughts?

Next time you do her.. Keep your socks and shoes on. She will get the point.. You do what you want.

well I am turned onn when my wife wears socks during sex and she knows that and due to this she has wear socks for around 22 hours in a day………….she wears sports shoes and socks as regular footwear and after coming from work she wears the socks for sex I think its a good practice

Well , cold feet on a person is a turn off. It might be advisable especially during the winter to wear socks.

Ok…. I never heard that warm feet help a woman to orgasm , but may try it . I actually find total nudity the biggest turn on. My partner actually massages my feet and they are already warm. I also enjoy it when he sucks and kisses my toes. His warm mouth warms my feet and other things. Ok… Maybe TMI . lol. Oh, I do get pedicures if you are wondering.

In my opinion, you can have sex with any amount of clothing on that you want. But making love is another story.

only ONLY in very bad very old porno movies does anyone ever wear socks —– it should not even be a thought

**** that. it doesnt matter if u have socks on or not. if its more comfortable for her. leave her alone. its not like she needs bare feel to ****.

Girls are suppost to if her feet are warm it helps her orgasm

i think you and your gf need to find something else to talk about.

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