Question about army branch detail?

I’m interested in Military Intelligence for the Army. Since it’s fairly competitive, I was wondering if the branch detail program guarantees that MOS? Thanks.

Talking to a recruiter probably won’t get you many answers, as this is a Commissioned Officer’s program, not an enlisted program. If you are going OCS, I don’t think the Branch Detail program is open to you, as I have never seen anyone from OCS do the Branch Detail program. Just because I haven’t seen, it doesn’t mean it not possible.

The Branch Detail program won’t guarantee that you get MI (Military Intelligence). As a matter of fact, Officers don’t get a choice as to what branch they get. They make a list of the branches in order of preference and that, among other things, get considered when their accessions packet goes before the accessions board. Choosing the Branch Detail program does increase your chances of getting MI, as it shows the Army that you can be flexible, but it doesn’t guarantee it. I have seen officers Detailed to other branches than the one they chose.

Unlike other branches, MI Branch is considered an up-side-down pyramid in its officer manning; meaning that it has far more captain and major’s billets than it does for lieutenants. I would suggest talking to your PMS (Professor of Military Science) and other cadre at your school if you are in ROTC about the Branch Detail program. You would have to serve in another branch, such as Infantry, Armor or even Chemical Corps, and after 36 months you would switch to MI. At that time you should be a 1LT promotable and getting ready to head to the MICCC (MI Captains Career Course). The best part about the Branch Detail program is that it makes you a more valuable MI Officer. You get to see how Intel affects the fight on the ground and how you should focus your efforts once you become an Intel Officer.

I am a Captain in the U.S. Army. I enlisted in 1989 as an Airborne Ranger. Received my Commission in 2002 – Branch Detailed Armor and transitioned to Military Intelligence in 2005. I am currently on my third tour in Iraq.

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Question about army branch detail?
I'm interested in Military Intelligence for the Army. Since it's fairly competitive, I was wondering if the branch detail program guarantees that MOS? Thanks.

I’m in the Army and I have no idea what you’re talking about. Talk to a few different recruiters in person and online and see what they tell you. I say talk to a few different ones, because there are some out there that will tell you anything and everything that you want to hear in order to get you to sign those papers. Good Luck!

I believe MI recruits persons for that MOS.
I suppose someone could apply for it but I would say its no guarantee of getting it.

Orlando is right, they’ll tell you anything to get you to sign, my brother is a licensed RN and got infantry, don’t get your hopes up.

There’s no such thing as military intelligence, despite what the Army says :). The Army offers only espionage, covert ops, and psychological warfare MOS’s.

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