Poll: whats ur fav. tv show(s)??

Mine are:
Psych (oh yea…”are you a a fan of delicious flavor???”){USA network}
Monk(“lol…out loud”){USA network}
The Colbert Report{Comedy Central}

Heroes and Family Guy.
Can’t live without either of them.

Kyle XY, The Secret Life of the American Teen, Icarly, and Food Network Challenge

Kenny vs. Spenny heavily the most perfect coach on television, look it up on youtube “coolmaxuk” is the call that an excellent style of the episodes are lower than even if the quite a few good ones arent on there because they could be bumped off. They do such issues as who can smoke extra weed, who can drink extra beer, first one to get a stain loses, first one to the contact the floor loses, who can devour mroe meet, who can produce extra semen, who’s the added proper soldier, who’s the added proper chef etc. kenny typically cheats and spenny is going loopy each and every episode because hes freaked out about kenny. SPenny even were given a date contained in the who can kiss extra women human beings competition yet he idea kenny employed her to help him and tell kenny what percentage kisses spenny became getting yet spenny dumped her because he became paranoid about kenny. Whoever loses has to do an embarrassment. Like kenny made spenny drink a semen shot, kenny kicked spenny contained in the balls, spenny ripped some hair off kenny. i might want to move on and on about this yet i wont. Its a good coach, you should study it out sometime. P.S. season 6 starts this autumn 🙂

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
CSI – Las Vegas
South Park (earlier seasons)

The Big Bang Theory
How I met your mother
Law and Order: SVU
Saved by the bell
Sabrina the teenage witch

Family Guy

30 Rock
CSI-Las Vegas and Miami
My name is Earl
The SImpsons
Family Guy

Deadliest catch – discovery channel

General Hospital & Roseanne. 🙂

I love money and ugly betty

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