Physics Question: Kinematics Please show your work!?

A truck driving at 35 m/s can decelerate at a maximum of -3.25 m/s^2. If the driver sees a barrier 150 m ahead of him, can he stop in time?

use the equation

v² = u² + 2as

v = final velocity
u = initial velocity
a = constant acceleration
s = distance

s = (v² – u²) / 2a

s = (0² – 35²) / 2(-3.25)
s = 188 m

as this distance is greater than 150 m, a collision with the barrier is unavoidable if steering around the barrier is not an option.

I hope this helps.
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Here are the 4 equations you need to know for kinematics.…

Find d. If it’s less than 150 m, the truck driver can stop in time.

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