Obama really first black President?

Obama is the 44th President of the United States. Presidents 1-43 were all white people, and if I was to say that Obama was the 44th white President, most people would tell me I was wrong (or crazy). But when people say that he is a black President, no one disagrees. He is just as much white as he is black (because…

I agree 100% with you. He isn’t the 1st black president, he is the first biracial president. I don’t know why insist that he is black?
As for all the dumb answerers this question attracted: if you don’t like it, don’t answer it!

Excuse me, yet Obama is black. Blacks like him because of the fact be belives each and every race could desire to have equivalent rights. As for me, i’m white, I additionally like Obama because of the fact he’s an impressive president.

Since People tend to Define Others by Their Appearances… -I’d say, “Yes; Obama’s Our 1st black President”.

Saying hes black creates more pride than saying hes multiracial

We tend to refer to people who are 50/50 as the 50% they look most like, unless people make a fuss about it. He refers to himself as black, so he’s black.

it’s called the one drop rule.

Whatever the father is..the child is..His father was black therefor..he’s black.

@ pony…excuse me? That doesn’t even make sense what you just said. And since I am the only person who mentioned the one drop rule…obviously it was towards me. but okay.

I have a black parent and a white parent, but I identify myself as black.

I am not mixed, I am black. He has a right to identify himself as whatever he wants!

He is half kenyan and white

It is funny how people only use the “one drop rule” when its people they want to associate with…



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