My car has 14″ rims? Can I just throw on bigger wheels no problem? Or do I need new rotors or something else?

Sorry I am not very proficient with cars.

OK, not sure where some of this info is coming from man but yes you can change the wheels without any problems if you do it right. Important things to consider….

1) Wheel backspacing or offset. This determinse how far in or out the outside edge of the rim will sit in reference to the face of the rotor where it bolts on. Wider wheels and tires sometimes require a different offset to keep the tires from rubbing on the insides of the fenders.

2) You CAN change the wheel diameter without changing the tire diameter. See Kyle M’s expanation on that one… I’ll take his word for it…lol

3) Larger wider wheels to create a larger rolling mass… it’s a pretty small difference in this case though. You could go from 14″ wheels to 16″ or 17″ with little noticable difference in stopping power… but any bigger and I would upgrade the brakes. Keep in mind also that if you have large opening in the wheels that the brakes will be more visable… and rusty old stock brack calipers and rotors look like crap.

False – Luby – There are thousands of lug nut patterns and spacings, it’s not as cut and dry as 4 lug 5 lug… if you buy wheels from a dealer they will ask you what your putting them on and get the right lug pattern and offset for you before they ever order the wheels.

False – dingle – Educate yourself… I have much larger wheels and tires on my rig than what came on it from the factory. Never “asked a mechanic” though, that’s like asking your barber if you need a haircut.

False – Bumbles – Larger wheels will not throw off the speedo if you don’t change the tire size and you can change wheel size without changing tire size.

becauseigotnothingbettertodo – Is that your answer, go out and buy a new car (Major $$$$)… that is completely stock (which is what this guy is trying to get away from… his car looking like everyone elses) instead of spending a little bit of money on the one he has and making it unique? I wish I had money to throw down on a new car every time I decided to change something on the one I had.

Kyle M – are they really…see, even I learn something new every day. I know the only time I ever had to change my speedo was when I put 5.13 gears and 38[‘s on my bronco… outside of that I’ve always kept the speedo right on when changing my tire and rim sizes…. I

The size of the rim isnt the problem. The offset and rolling diameter are.

The rolling diameter is the rim size+2 times the tire wall heigth. To find the tire wall dimension, take the (width of the tires (which is the first number on a tire size, in millimeters))*(second number (hight to width ratio) divided by 100). that will give you the height of the tire wall in millimeters. Then divide that by 24.5 to get it in inches. Then multiply it by 2 and add it onto the rim size.

Heres that forumla writen out:(1st number)*(second number)/2540= rolling diameter.

Your goal is to try to get as close to the same rolling diameter as possible on the new tire+rim combo. the closer it is, the less your speedo will be off, and the less difference youll notice in handling, acceleration, and braking.

and then try to get the new rims to have the same offset as your old ones.

and obviously make sure they have the same bolt pattern, or else they wont fit onto the hub.

edit: John boy is wrong about the rolling diameter. The 195/70/16s are 2 inches larger than 195/70/14s.

as long as your new rims fit over your brakes and do not interfer with your steering, suspension or fender wells you should be ok. your speedometer will be off by a few miles and hour (slower) if you go to a larger dia. tire and engine may lag alittle from a stop because the cars engine transmission and gear ratio was designed for the 14″ wheel. the lag should not be too noticeable. make sure your tires don’t rub your fender wells when you turn or hit a bump, this could cut your tires

it depend if you use 4 or 5 lug nuts
other wise there is no problem unless you are trying to put on truck tires on small vehicle

just check if the diamater of the new rims matches your old rims (the middle hole)\
and your speed should not mess up because the tires are smaller on bigger rims

You do not need to change anything. But putting on bigger rims (wheels) will throw off the speedometer some….

yes if as long as the rims are for your car you only need bigger rotors is is if you have some monster *** engine and you plan to run a100 plus mph. bigger rotors are only for more stopping power when kinda like drag racing if you want to go fast you need to stop fast put if you want to waste $$$$$$$$$$$$$ on rotors go ahead

no you can not! some have 4 or 5 lugs. and although they got same number of lugnut, sometimes you got a diff’rent bolt pattern. however you dont need to change your rotors. what do you drive anyway? maybe i can help you get some rims for cheap price

i own a shop and you wont have to change the rotors to change the wheels on it, one thing i have ran across though,is sometimes the studs wont be long enough for the after market wheels,and i have had to change these a few times,but other than that if they,ll clear the wheel wells they will fit it alright,good luck with it i hope this helps.

Well, if you car came with 14″ rims and you want bigger ones, I suggest you just buy a new car that has bigger stock rims or fear looking like a ******.

Oh my gawd, these other answers amuse me.

Big rims will require you to get a lower profile sidewall so that your speedo and gearing remain correct. Make sure that you don’t go to wide and please don’t put cheesy bling blongers or ricer wheels on your car.

Also, make sure you use the correct offset.

Google is your friend.

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