Libra And Scorpio Love And War!?

I’ve just spent 13 years with a Libra man,I’m Scorpio,we could accomplish anything together,now it’s WAR OF THE ROSES,it’s possible that the scorpio could harm the Libra,but the Libra will fight back,and then will realize that the scorpio will not let down her wrath,so the Libra will run.true…

scorpio are the winners of the star signs aggression. they will wait for thier time to strike and it will inflict major damage to the opposition.
go scorpio.

Bambi, what leads you to the conclusion that the Libra will run? Is it because he’s a Libra? What if he has a lot of fire in his natal chart, or a lot of Scorpio and a well-aspected Pluto? I don’t think the Libra will run away if the Libra believes you are the cause of the conflict. I’m not saying that you are the cause of the conflict – it’s just that you haven’t given enough information regarding this situation.

You have been together for 13 years, so surely the both of you can overcome most predicaments. Instead, it appears that you are attempting to stroke your own ego by defeating someone else whom you believe is inferior because you are a ‘mighty Scorpio’ and he is a ‘little Libra.’ Maybe the Libra is running because he sees you as weak.

Spica said, “Well, in the end who gets hurt? Pluto or Venus, it’s obvious, eh?
Let go of the libra – they were never your match and never at all will be.”

The way I see it, we all have Venus somewhere in our natal chart and we all have Pluto. Human aggression and the human need to transform is an inveterate characteristic within us all. If the energy of Venus is indeed weak, then we are all weak to a certain degree. And I disagree that a Libra cannot match a Scorpio. Some of my greatest acquaintances have been with watery people and that’s because of my deep feelings. As you’re a Scorpio Bambi, do you see yourself as a ‘fixed’ personality? If so, maybe that is your problem. You see your Libra as ‘running away’ due to your wrath, and you will do anything to make him run away to prove your conviction correct. It’s terribly convenient for a fixed personality to project a label onto another person and to then not think about it anymore, and no amount of convincing on the other persons behalf will change that. It’s obvious that you see Libra as slightly weak. Is this a label you are projecting onto him from your own unconscious, or are you trying to climb a ladder of omnipresence at his expense in an effort to stroke your ego, irrespective of his feelings? After all, a Libra is not supposed to have feelings are they?

ROB W said, “scorpio are the winners of the star signs aggression. they will wait for their time to strike and it will inflict major damage to the opposition. I’m a Scorpio”

That’s not surprising. Read what I said about the ladder of omnipresence.

I totally understand this.
Well, in the end who gets hurt? Pluto or Venus, it’s obvious, eh?
Let go of the libra – they were never your match and never at all will be. The chemistry is definitely there (like magnets), but the compatibility, misleading at first, isn’t. Both of you have poor understanding of each others’ basic personality. The only thread that holds is a perpetual emotional (and sexual) tie.. But as you know it, emotions are not libra’s strong suit, so they will run.. don’t chase after them, because they know they will never have what it takes for you, and they leave because it’s the only thing to do, when cornered by a stinger.

Scorpio should find an Aries, or Taurus. Those signs are relatively immune and match well with you.. Leo as well!

Libra may seem weak by ‘running’, but they are letting you down gently instead of by force.

Edit: Daryl, I’m not saying Librans are weak, they just prefer less intensity. If there is intensity, or a stalemate in understanding, they will run. Not ‘run’ per se, but they will leave. I agree we all have pluto and venus in our charts, but some concentration more than others.
Venus and Pluto are not a well matched combi – Venus will realize it soon enough, unless they are masochists.
Pluto and Mars should pair.
Venus goes where things are pretty and serene..
Pluto’s abode will make them fly for greener hills.

Libras are capable of devotion… some of my best friends are pisces you just have to find a libra who isnt gonna F$%^ off when the going gets tough gotta look at the whole chart really to see if they’re more likely to run.

Good Luck!

(Sorry to hear bout your bad experience fireball)

I am a scorpio to I can personally say we have very overpowering demeanors. I can give off the look and vibe of being angry without even saying anything or making myself look mad it rushes from my eyes. I think that’s why we are so intimidating becuz our emootion of passion and anger can kill someone or make them crazy and weak. Our wrath is dominaying and scary I know I have used this rage and wrath to get my way sometimes. (lolz).

You are crazy yourself to bring such a story to horoscopes!!! Why? and why call it love and war? like some kind of drama soap opera? You needed to call the cops right then and there… F* him and his threats!! Your children come first and for your son to join his dad, there’s wrong msgs going on there, there are no boundaries… you need a whole new life, you’re living in hell

sorry I was also hurt by a Libra and Im Pisces. Watersigns need alot of attention which they cant deliver.. Try Pisces for real devotion.

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