Is there a certain percentage of best answers that you need in order to become a Top Contributor?

Is there a certain percentage of best answer that you need in order to become a Top Contributor, or do you need to have a certain number of best answers in a category? If this is so, what is it? Thanks for the help in advance!

The following is required to become a top contributor

A required best answer percentage: NO / UNKNOWN
A required point total: NO
A required level: NO
A required number of best answers: NO / UNKNOWN

The truth of the matter is, any one user is able to become a top contributor within their preferred category, with the exception of the polls and survey and jokes and riddles categories which have had top contributors omitted.

Noone is use fully aware of the requirements to become a top contributor, however my advise would be as follows:

· Top contributors are known to be very active in at least one specific category. Try to log on daily.
· Top contributors are certainly required to answer a lot of questions in their chosen categorie(s). Try to answer at least fifteen questions a day.
· Simply keep the best answers rolling in

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The Top Contributor Badge is awarded for high contributions in a single category. You can have up to three categories. The exact qualifications are kept secret but rumors indicate that it is a minimum of 10% best answers and about 40-50 individual answers in a single category in a month. There are no statistics available on answers or best answers in a category. You will have to keep track yourself if you ever want to try to figure out the system.


You need to answer a lot of answers in one category (preferly about 200 or so) having 10% Best Answers or more in that category, and make sure you give good answers or give honest answers because the person (like you for example) needs an honest answer not a joke or something totally off the mark.

Top Contributors.
A person must do a lot of work in 1-3 areas and get a good percentage of best answers.
I can’t see if there is a percentage, it isn’t revealed.
The formula changes from time to time.
Focus on a setion until you get there.

you need to constantly answer questions in a undeniable area and get a fantastically solid terrific answer %, like 25% or extra. there is not any set thank you to alter right into a proper contributor, as this is a secret and basically Y!A workers comprehend that, yet once you answer adequate questions daily in a undeniable area (in case you browse around diverse sections you likely should not be a TC) and get a solid quantity of terrific solutions, you could substitute right into a proper contributor.

About 40+ best answers in one category.

Mhmm.. Well, it depends on how many questions you’ve asked and how many they choose you as a best answer I think you need 5000 answered and at least 80% best answered. Well I wish you good luck

Hope I’d help!

umm..honestly i dont know. cuz im like the lowest level ever. lol.

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