Is it unsafe to install car audio(bass speakers) into an older car? Specifically a volvo?

I’m 23 and looking to install a couple 10in bass speakers in the trunk of my volvo running off a 2000watt 2ch amp.. sounds lame, but I could use some more kick for my commute to work everyday. Anyhow, its a Volvo 940, 4 door sedan, 1993, supposing the wiring and everything is done right, would it be a bad idea…

No it isn’t. Just make sure you install a capacitor. I would also recommend to install an Optima yellow top battery, it helps stop the lights dimming whenever the bass hits. Oh, about the alternator, you should be fine. Before I go, use 0 gauge wiring also.

If you have a decent alternator and battery with brand new wires run correctly to the back of the car then you’ll be fine. I suggest getting a new battery or even a second one, then putting in a new high output alternator to make sure your car will run. A capacitor will also keep your lights from dimming, and new speakers with new wires would be a smart idea as well. As long as every wire is run correctly and they are all new, then you’ll be electronically fine. Mechanically, unless you have a better alternator and battery, you might be in a pickle. I had a 1996 cavalier and it shut down every other day because I didn’t have enough power in the car with a weak alternator. Good luck man.

before I had a 4500 dollar system installed professionally on my old 67 impala i had installed a smaller system myself. if its just a couple of subs and an amp the only strain may be on the charging system which wont be all that much to make it easier a small capacitor should be enough. it wont do anything to the wiring/electronics in the car…as long as your drawing current from the battery directly (fused of course) and using a ground where ever you have the amp hooked up (no longer than a foot away). use proper gauge speaker wires for the subs and proper gauge wires for the amp.

If you wire it correctly and everything it will be perfectly fine. Get some upgraded speakers and an amp for them. Not just subs cause you wont be able to hear anything but bass with 2000 watt subs and it will sound bad.

Just get your alternator and battery tested to make sure their not on the way out, adding all that power demand will kill them quick.

If everything checks out ok, you should be alright as long as its done right.
Might as well do the Big 3 upgrade while your at it, that would help with the added load.

it should be fine, ive used about the same in an old 73 chevelle for a few years now, you might end up having to get an upgraded alternator though

upgrade your alternator so your lights wont dim and will not be sucking your alternator.

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