Is it safe to drink boiled tap water in India?

At present, I am in Pune, and I usually drink water by filling the kettle up with tap water and boiling it first. However, I discovered that there was some stuff floating. Is that normal for boiled water? Is boiling Indian tap water enough to make it safe to drink?

Pune water is very safe to drink for any Indian person who are immuned to all types of water. For those who have come to India, they should filter the water and then boil for at least 20 minutes. Or use any water purifiers which are in market. So far Pune water is upposed to be the best from the point of view of cleanliness and taste.

Hello, most guidelines advocate cooking meals to 185 fahrenheit with a view to kill off the micro organism and ailment-causing sellers. That is less than the boiling point of water (212 F), so i believe that suggests you don’t even must boil it – just get it shut. I’d say to be on the nontoxic aspect, let it boiling and that is plenty excellent. No micro organism goes to live for quite a lot of milliseconds in boiling water, unless it is a kind of weird things that reside close the undersea vents or some thing.

Under ground water contain some harmful chemicals like fluoride. So better to drink RO water. Once in a while boiling tap water is ok.

No, don’t take risks in pune their have been many cases of very dirty drinking water. Buy some purification system i would recommend something like an aquagaurd water cleaner.

Boiling it should take all bacteria out, try filtering the water and then boiling it, if that is an option.

I agree with Paras. So yes it will be very safe as long as you boil properly with the right purification system.

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