Is America READY For An Ethnic or Female President?

It is a known fact that this year in the presidential election runnings many eyes are on Clinton and Obama. But, honestly, is America ready for a female or minority president at this time. Please lay aside the fact of Clinton and Obama. No names. Just. ARE WE READY?

Why wouldn’t we be ready? They are people just like white male presidents.

I think the American people want a change, and I do believe we “the people” are ready for that change. However, I am skeptical of that change happening given the historical tradition of the American presidency being held by all white men (or at least they appear white, lol).

Meantime, I just sit and wait to see the results of this presidential race. Especially since I’ve learned a huge lesson during the 2000 presidential election. Where Gore won the most popular vote and lost the election.

What many voters don’t know is we go into that booth to vote for a specific person that’s on the ballot, to become the president (so we think). But we are not actually voting for that actual person to win. Our vote is in fact a vote to choose the Presidential electors from each of the 50 states plus D.C. It is the vote from the presidential electors of each state that count and determines the next president! Our votes are only used to elect “Presidential electors” from our state and it is their votes that are offical, not ours…Does anyone see anything wrong with this process?

I’ve learned my lesson that year…I was deceived. I’ve also learned that it’s hard for people to break away from tradition, and I know there are some people who would rather die before they see a woman or black man become president of the U.S. Therefore, I won’t hold my breath.

I think the whole notion about getting worked up about a person’s gender or skin color is rather silly. When John F. Kennedy, people wonders if America was ready for a Catholic president. Some people believed that the Pope would be running America. Americans accept leaders from other countries with different genders and skin color, so I don’t see it being an issue in the 21st century.

I don’t look at a person’s skin color or gender. I wouldn’t vote for Clinton or Obama because I can’t think of a single issue that we agree upon. I could myself voting for Condoleeza Rice, but there are better qualified Republicans. Are we ready for a woman or minority president? Absolutely…I just don’t any qualified candidates that are running.

There’s no reason why we couldn’t have a black or a female president. The current problem is that neither of the frontrunners is qualified. Condi Rice, Alan Keyes and a few others are qualified, but are either not interested at the time or are not electable. So the answer is, no, America is not ready. Maybe next time.

Yes we are ready for a qualified one, but just electing one for gender or race is foolish and can do more harm to future votes then imaginable.. So yes we are BUT a qualified one not the ones we have running in this election. It would be a poor start for both.. Obama being the better of the two.

Is it possible to be non-ethnic? Lol. America is ready. Even though he will never get credit for it, Bush has had an ethnically diverse cabinet. Having Condy Rice as Sec of State–she is both female and black. We are definitely ready to have a non-white male or female take the highest office in the world.

I sure am. An “ethnic”-female president would be better. A hispanic or asian woman, that’d be cool! They know how to mean business! Anyways, i certainly wouldn’t mind a hispanic/asian/native american president of either gender. Even a white female wouldn’t be so bad.

Not sure about a black president though. He (or she), as long as they don’t just favor other black people but people in general as a whole (knowing how a lot of black politicians can be). As long as they don’t go down the Sharpton/Jackson/I favor only black people route i guess its okay.

America is definitely ready for anyone who is a qualified leader (regardless of race or gender) who has not only a vision for the collective good of the country, but the ability to have their ideas implemented. Neither Clinton or Obama rise to that level.

No, a minority will not get elected because light-skinned people in the South aren’t comfortable enough with people of darker pigmentation. The South is a huge part of the voting population.

A woman – possibly.

i don’t know if america is ready on the whole for this, but personally i am just tired of people into making this an issue of minority. as long as we are thinking of candidates as minorities and not just as people, we still have a long way to go… for me personally it will depend solely on a candidate’s platform. it doesn’t matter whether the person is a woman or a minority, what matters is what they will do for our country

I believe we are. If we are not to judge people by their race and/or sex or ethnicity but by their character, than what does it matter if the pres. is a woman or another race? As long as they have good character, good morals, and the ability to run the country, then yes we are ready!

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