How to convince my mom to let me get a motorcycle?

I will be getting my license in september and want a motorcycle. im an excellent driver (not just saying that) and have much experience driving cars, trucks, tractors, quads, dirtbikes, etc. i can afford to buy my own bike and probly pay for insurance. i just need help to gain the permission part. any ideas?

My Son is 15 and Next yr I will be letting him Buy a bike from me. It will not be his only means of getting a round. I would Try to Talk her in to a Scooter frist and then work my way up.

Ok your talking about a MOM… in my Army time as a recruiter MOMs are not ez to talk to about thing when it comes to there kids. You need to sit down with her and give her good resoning for buying a Bike. The worst thing you could do in this case is just go out and Buy one. She would feel that her say doesn’t matter and it would hurt your relationship with her.

In Marking and Sales there are a few tricks to get someone to buy off on your proposal
1.Give the facts why you think it is a good proposal.
2.Use 3 points of agreement for Example; do you agree that I am a safe responsible person. Do you agree that a motorcycle would save us $$$ per year in gas maint and ins. Do you agree that with the proper training and safety equipment that a motorcycle is no more unsafe than a car?
3.If you get 3 yes close the deal So you think it is a good thing that WE get a motorcycle now if you get an objection for any of your points or on you close Do this ask what the objection is well you have a reason for say no may I ask what that is? (Two types of objections ones based if fact and those based on feeling.) *Then restate her objection then put a spin on it Like Let just motorcycle where just as safe as cars would you want me to have one then? If yes move to the next step if no that not the reason so ask why would you still say no? then go back to (*)
4.Always say I understand how you feel, I felt the same way at first but I found that.
You are 10 Times more likely to be in a car crash than a bike crash use a fact. Feeling objection are always the hardest to over come. But still use facts in your in your proposal.

5.Last thing to say is so when do we want to go bike shopping?

Good Luck

It may be difficult to convince your mom – she’s concerned about your safety and doesn’t want to see you hurt. Here’s the hard truth – when you’re new at something you’re much more likely to run into trouble. At 16 you haven’t even been driving a car very long – so there are many situations that you haven’t experienced yet. And a fender bender in a car is a serious wreck on a bike. If there is any way for you to slow down a little – do it. I know this is hard. But save your money, take the safety class, show your folks that you’re a good and safe driver behind the wheel of the family car, be responsible, clean your room, take out the trash, bring in the groceries… In other words, be a saint! If you can show your folks maturity and responsibility – it will be harder for them to say “no”.

I am 54 now and my Mom still has not given me permission. But when I was young and lived at home. I borrowed 5 bikes and wrecked 3 and they were from showing off. So it was a good thing I did not have my own bike when I was young. I would probably be dead before I reached 21; for most people wisdom comes along with age. If your Mom will now let you have one it is for a reason. Wait a few more years and see what happens. As you show you are wiser and mature she might change her mind. Then again she may never give you permission. In that case as long as you are living under her roof, you have to play by her rules.

When i was yr age, i has the same problem.My daddy bought me a racing bike but i bought my first bike,a MotoGuzzi for 80$ from my brother.My daddy didnt say a word.I guess you hv to do the same.Now i hv ridden 25 bikes-big,small..Now 20 years later, i am riding a honda goldwing 1800 which cost 180k.Do the same.

It really doesn’t matter if you are an excellent driver. On motorcycle it is an ACCIDENT – not planned.

So your parents are correct
But I’m not saying you should NOT ride. I am saying be truthful with yourself and your parent. Riding is dangerous.

I ride knowing how dangerous it is. So I take MUCH less risk then the average rider. And I’ve been riding since 1982. Most riders last 1 or 2 season because they wreck their bikes riding fast and risky.

Good Luck…

you wont ever convince her,wait a couple years and buy one after you move put.and keep being safe on the other items you mentioned as this will help to lower the worries she has when you get your bike. earn her respect

You can stop discussing it for a long time, or, if you want more chances, tell her that this is your life, you will be loving what you do, you have a great time when on a bike, and that you will be careful. If that can be done, you can get the teacher who taught you to ride to tell her that there is no problem and vouch for you.

In most states, you can not ride a motorcycle until the age of 18, check your state laws…maybe a moot point!

tell ur mom to let you get a bike or ur joining the marines.. lol

tell her she can live a good life on the insurance money she will be able to collect if something bad happens to you

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