How do you take care of a newborn hamster, without the mother!!!!!?

Yesterday i went to the petstore and rescued a 3 day old baby hamster. it was free and it didnt have mother. i dont know why. i think she died. anyway i adopted her and put her in a little cushioned cage under a light. now what? i really need advice

Taking care of a motherless baby hamster (or any other animal for that matter) is a FULL TIME JOB.

First Off, make sure the cage is SUPER clean. You should also make sure that it is in a warm area, away from drafts. The mother would usually lie on their pups for warmth.

Make a nest for it, toilet paper usually works fairly well. Make it in the corner and make sure the sides are sort-of high so that it does not roll out.

Make sure that the water bottle is within easy access. Feed the hamster(s) KMR, baby formula, or evaporated milk (milk with 60% less water>how to make it if you don’t have it readily available: ,which ever you have easiest access to). Feed them 3 drops from a sterile eyedropper (or a feeding syringe (they’re needless), about two or three bucks at a pet store) about every hour until they start eating solid food. Cut back to one drop to every two-to-four hours until they’re 3 weeks old (21 days). After each feeding, stimulate them with a warm, damp cloth to defecate/urinate. Try not to overfeed, which can be hard, because they can drown.

Seems like a lot, I know! It is an can be extremely hard. Do your best, sadly expect for the worst, but hope for the best!

I wish you and your new pet hamster luck 🙂

Edit- if you would like you (I would!) you can send me a private message, from my profile, updating me 🙂

1) She might not eat her pups this time. Give her a chance. Each litter is different 2) Go to the pet store and buy kitten milk and the smallest dropper or syringe they have. 3) be SURE not to get and milk on their nose and do not force feed . They can inhale it and get a respiratory infection. If they do get an infection. (You can tell because they will sputter a lot), give them tetracycline mixed as directed. EDIT: Take the father out now. They get pregnant almost the second they give birth and I am not exaggerating. That is just a basic overview.

Ok right now…..Go get goats milk and a syrings without a needle of course…….to feed the baby…

instead of a cage for the baby i suggest putting her in a basket packed with grass just hurry up and pick up the grass outside…anyways i think u can subsitute grass with washcloth and tissue paper…i guess you dont have goats milk so put her somewhere near the heater yet far so she wont get burned i know its cold this month,…:(
and then put the goats milk in the syringe..and save it later for drinking purposes:) i mean the milk not the milk in the syringe-.-(u can also use an eyedropper.. if you dont have a syringe….
No cage!!absolutely no cage yet….Its too cold even if you put much blankets.

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