How can an overweight 13-year-old lose weight and tone up fast?

I am thirteen years old, a girl, 5″6, and weigh 137.8 lbs. I have a little belly fat and I really want a flat, toned stomach and body. Does anyone know what I can do to lose weight and tone fast-before summer is here? Also, is a goal weight of 108 lbs too thin, too fat, or just right for my height and age?

thats a little on the skinny side, but it depends if you got boobs
eat less, exercise more is the golden rule, but here are some tips
dont eat a big meal 4 hours before going to sleep, try not to eat at all in that period though its hard as this is stored as fat
the best time to exercise is in the morning just after breakfast but thats soemtimes hard for a 13 year old
quick exercises like sit ups and push ups will give you a toned stomach but the muscle will tone under any fat that may be there, so lose weight first from your whole body as it cant just go from one area. then, you can do sit ups and crunches to get toned
try to avoid high fat, or high carb foods if you arent going to be exercising that day, and drink fast release energy drinks before doing a lot of sport
eat food like celery if hungry as it takes a while to chew and you actually burn calories from eating it as it takes so long, and the action of chewing also makes you feel full up. generally as a rule eat slowly.
the most important thing is dont starve yourself., you’ll lose water weight which will make you feel faint, and is gained straight back as soon as you eat anything and you will feel like you are going backwards when really you’ve done nothing, and if you dont eat, your body goes in to fat storing mode and you dont lose any weight.
if you want a snack, make yourself have something healthy like fruit – then see if you STILL want the snack as often teenagers can boredom eat.
quick jogs and trampolining are fun to do and burn calories and help you get toned
so does swiming
good luck 🙂

a little trick that has helped me lose weight and not stuff my face when I’m eating, is to leave 1/4 of each thing I’m eating behind on the plate. So, that’s not eating one quarter (1/4) of my steak, burger, chicken and 1/4 left of my side dishes and limiting myself to 1 piece of bread or roll. I would eliminate sodas or sweet drinks and just drink water (and I HATE water). A slice of fresh lime or lemon helps improve the boring taste of water. Also, I will order my sandwiches/burgers or whatever…dry, meaning no dressing or mayo. Mustard is fine, though. No real calories/fats. Try baked chips, not the regular ones and find an activity that you like to do and do it. Maybe its swimming, or biking or walking or getting a fun video and MAKING the time in the day to do it. If you can do 30 minutes of something active, five times a week, then you should be fine.
Don’t forget to have little snacks in between meals. And I emphasize little…apple slices with peanut butter, carrot or celery sticks (no ranch), granola bars or a small scope of cottage cheese. Your body will store fat if you don’t feed it, cuz its tricked into thinking your “starving.” So, small snacks are beneficial and they help you to not eat so much when it is meal time. I always stand-by the good old fashion sit-ups/crunches, but look something up online for this, since so many people do them wrong. I always start with doing only about 30 a day and then, add 5-10 every few days. By then end of the summer, I was up to 700 crunches with no problems!!
Good luck and you’ll feel better when you put the effort into it!
Regarding you’re ideal weight, talk to your doctor about that. They will know what is healthy for you.

Check out your BMI (body mass index). I took this from adults BMI website, but I included a link for teens below in the “source” section:

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 138 pounds


your BMI index is 22.3, indicating your weight is in the normal category for adults of your height.

Body Type BMI Index
Underweight <= 18.5
Normal weight 18.5 – 24.9
Overweight 25 – 29.9
Obesity >= 30

i think that 110lbs is as low as you should go for 5’6. the fastest way to lose weight is by running really. the weathers getting nice out, so you can even run on the beach. also id recommend a little weight training just to get toned, like 3 days a week and doing 3 sets of 15 with light weight just to stay thin. but overall, running is the best way to lose weight and a low carb diet

What kind of food do you eat at home. Stay away from the processed and fatty foods and focus more on eating fruits and vegtables. That is half of the solution. Physical activity is the other half. At 13 you should have plenty of opportunity to play a sport or run around outside. If you watch your diet and get physical activity the pounds will start dropping off. Good Luck to you

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Jog everyday afterschool…eat healthy (a little fruit with plenty of veggies)…switch to whole grain…whole wheat bread…brown rice…drink nothing but filtered or bottled water…(you can drink green tea with real lemon – no sugar) Green tea has been proven to speed the metabolism plus it’s full of antioxidants…eat 4 small meals a day consisting of a lean protein (beans, chicken, turkey, fish) obviously no deep fried foods…

I’ve lost 5 kilos in my first week. It’s my 10th day and I have included salad with some protein (eg. egg/ lean chicken) as you suggested. After 4 years of trying, the fat is finally coming off. It truly feels like magic!

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Include at lowest 10 to 15 grams regarding protein, which suppresses ghrelin, some sort of hormone that stimulates your desire for foods. Include eggs, which are that can control hunger.

Going low carb is which may encourage weight loss. Limit the carbs (especially refined carbs like muffins and bagels) including a little fat.

try to eat lean proteins and also vegetables

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