Help My dog has eaten a piece of dark chocolate?

My dog has found and \eaten a piece of dark chocolate 70% cacao. I heard it is poisonous for dogs. What should I do? Please help

contact the emergency Vet RIGHT AWAY and ask them… Look for 24 hour vet services in the yellow pages. It will probably depend on how much chocolate and how big the dog is, whether this is real emergency. Yahoo answers is NO PLACE to look for help in what may be an emergency

Calm down.

Chocolate is only toxic in large amounts. How big a piece did your dog eat, and how big is your dog? That amount may be dangerous for a dog less than 10lbs- if your dog is that small, please get her to a vet ASAP for treatment. They will either get her to vomit it back up or give her activated charcoal to absorb it. Either way, it’s not actually “poisonous”, it can simply cause cardiac problems just like a human ingesting too much caffeine. Even at that point, the problem is often treatable with veterinary care. Chocolate ingestion is not a death sentence.

If your dog is larger than 10lbs, he or she will probably be fine anyway. Possibly some vomiting or diarrhea, but doubtful it will go beyond that. You can still see a vet if you’d like, but unless you notice any excessive vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, convulsions, lethargy, etc., you probably shouldn’t worrry.

The toxic warning for Bakers chocolate (which is similar to what your dog ate) is 1oz per 9lbs of body weight.

Chocolate can be poisonous for dogs but I had a dog that used to manage to find my chocolate and eat it frequently. She ate a ton of chocolate and was fine. Here is a site that talks about the amount of chocolate that needs to be eaten to cause problems, and the symptoms of poisoning.…

since he ate dark chocolate which contains more of the toxin you may want to call the vet. From what I have been reading they recommend that you NOT wait to see if your dog will be okay. If you call the vet know they can induce vomiting and get most of the chocolate out of his system. If you wait it may be too late.

Holy crap, some one those resposes concern me as a breeder and trainer. Chocolate is bad for your dog it’s not rat poison. LoL think of it like smoking it take a large amount over time to have an effect on your dog. Now if your dog is like 2lbs it would take less than a larger dog.

Look, chocolate is poisonous for dogs, but so is onion. Keep an eye on it for the next little while. If he starts acting strangely call your vet. But, if your dog is larger it shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Call your vet if you are really concerned, cause they can tell you more accurate info. Most are really good about giving advice over the phone too!

My dog has eaten a couple of chocolate chips b4 and he was fine and he had like 5 of em. I guess it’s depend on the size of the bar of chocolate. If it is like a giant hersheys bar from the candy section at the checkout desk then i suggest u take him 2 a vet……….but if it was like a little part of it then im sure he’ll b fine he might barf some but he’ll b ok (depends on the size of chocolate still)

Depends on your dog, I have a 110 lb Doberman and he ate 11 snickers bars from my dumbass roommates stash. We called our Vet and he said since his size it will make him pretty sick, it was alot of chocolate so he needs to be forced to vomit. So he suggested getting him to drink 4 tablespoons of Peroxide, he of course wouldn’t so he had to open his mouth and pour it down the hatch. He didnt like it, walked around for a while, whined, then up came all the chocolate in lumps and it was pretty sick. BUT… the Peroxide isn’t toxic, it will make him toss up whatever he ate. I would suggest less peroxide for smaller dogs, ours is a beast.

How big was the piece?? If it was only a small bit don’t worry – but make sure it doesn’t eat anymore. Instead by some dog chocolates for your dog.

Call your vet and describe to them the amount of chocolate the dog consumed, as well as the size of the dog. They may reccomend that you bring the dog in; if in doubt, take the dog in whether they tell you to or not.

The theobromine in chocolate is what makes it toxic to dogs.

One little piece won’t hurt your dog. Be thankful it’s dark chocolate. Anyway just relax. If you see something unusual going on w/ your dog call the vet.

Wish you luck!

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