Have your views of the presidential candidates changed?

During the course of the debates and such? Also who are you leaning towards more, Obama or McCain. Even though I am only 13, I strongly feel that McCain should stand as President of the United States. Some Obama fans may say I have no idea what I am talking about, but I am very bright, and not too boast, but my…

I think its great that you are involved in the election, even though you cannot vote, because you will be one day. I one hundred percent back McCain. Obama is a liar; people who are voting for him are naive, and are just supposrting him becuase of the idea he stands for- hope. That’s great, however, Obama is ONLY going to give you hope, he will not actually help you- you’d better hope you don’t become unemplioyed under Obama. if people would like at the FACTS, they would see that Obama is a liar- just look at the Fannie Mae scandal- he pooled money into his own pocket through fannie mae, and “subprime loans” if you do not know what subprime loans are and you are voting for Obama, that is a perfect example of ignorance. These subprime loans, which democrats first started by the way, are the reason for the economic crisis that we are in now- look it up online. Additionally, McCain has served in Congress for years, and has not had one earmark! Obama has had countless! again, just look at the facts. Also, McCain has always stood by his decisions- Obama changes based on what will get him votes. Just look at the facts, and it is clear that McCain is the right choice to lead our country.

IM 13 too and and IM catholic to. my om likes McCain my dad doesn’t pay attention to politics. IM for obama because even though John McCain will give health care you will still be taxed. i also know that john McCain has experience i just fell that he doesn’t have the right experience. he wants to win the war, but sadly were are not going to win. i believe in peace and frankly IM not rich IM middle class my parent make about 100,000 a year and like every other middle class family were are struggling in some way or another. so my parent would befit with barrack obamas tax cut. i also think just like my science teacher is an airhead she is just like my science teacher her examples are Joe six pack(strange huh) and cant really answer a question without confusing others. i just think that there is a good plan with obama being president but john McCain seems to try and fight dirty saying that he is friends with terriest he isn’t he says things like he is giving up on the war just wanting to wimp out and i dont agree, and the things that john McCain says hat are true john McCain voted for the same thing. barrack obama really want to help teachers get more money so there will teach better i agree schools are slumping right now if you look at the presidential maps at our school it only goes up to Reagan. 9i didint spell that right). so we both have diffrent views and we both differ about who should be president. john McCain does have some alright plans but not the best.

have a nice day


Obama is inexperienced and hes going to try to be president.
I hope americans rethink the huge mistake they are doing if they vote this man in. What happened to 9-11 when the worse attack on american happened? Obama is a muslim …How could we as americans trust him? What is wrong with the people of our country?
Why are they not standing together to make sure Obama doesn’t get president to ruin our country…. This is upsetting to see.

Wow, I think it’s wonderful that you are involved in this election at your age. It seems like you have more knowledge than a lot of people who are of the legal age to vote. Too bad more kids your age don’t get involved, if they did they might actually be able to vote on issues rather than on other things once they are of age.

Well, you sound a lot more intelligent than your elders [and of course no one here is dumb enough to believe you’re 13]…just ONE MAJOR FLAW in your thinking:

McCain is not only a liar, but like GW, he’s only looking out for the rich people. IF your mother & father both HAVE TO work, then you’re not middle class, but WORKING class.

As for being Roman Catholic, ain’t no Republican Kennedys or Cuomos that i know of, so don’t blaspheme by saying that it’s strongly tied to MY religion—liberalism is a direct descendant of Jesuit thought!

Nope, I could never vote for an anti American white and jew hating racist. Obama is way to evil to ever get my vote.

No, my view has been the same ever since Obama called me a typical white person from small town, bitterly clinging to my guns and Bible. I can’t stand the racist.

My views have not changed one bit. McCain/Palin 2008!

A little. I have less for respect for McCain now with his rallies.

NO, obama is still dangerous

McCain Palin ’08

NObama bin Biden

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