Do people bump into you or run you over in public?

What’s your sun and rising

BQ: What do you say when it happens?

Ladies, most often smaller than I, tend to knock into my arm or my purse all the time.. It is so rude especially when there’s so much space to walk around. This never happens to guys I’ve noticed.. I’ve asked… And guys never do…

I like what Lin said. Some people do have bad manners/ low self esteem and think they are weak if they move, so they have to challenge their fears by not moving for someone. Others are just oblivious, I think, and maybe think there is enough room.

I’m extra touchy with things like this, like if I move, and they don’t I get rattled, but maybe there was enough room if I hadn’t moved. Lately, I figure I’ll tense my arm up and stand my ground and let them take a hard bump for walking into me. I had a lowlife redneck guy walk through me in a department store, and I confronted him and he offered to fight over it and kept persisting. I wasn’t composed enough to talk my way out of it or walk away, so I actually fought him right in the store. I got the better of him and ran him off, but it wasn’t worth it of course. I just hate letting bullies get away with harassing people and I feel the need to put them in their place, but I could get hurt or in legal trouble if I fight over these things. I figure it’s best to stand my ground, bump them back, since they are walking into me,and keep walking, let them be bothered by their own behavior and not let it cause me stress.

I apologize for your ankle. Maybe it is a pisces rising, after all most would agree pisces is a soft sign. Soft meaning, avoid wanting to fight, public heated disputes, portraying a gentle touch, soft aura. Its not that pisces are weak, but pisces rising may look less of what others would call confident. Rising inherited the sensitive sign. So perhaps it is safe to say people look at us, as if we get hurt easily.
It is as if this sign, being a rising, makes it look easy to pick on vs the other 11 zodiacs.

While that is all false lies, we can’t change what other people see, since the eyes often deceives ones judgement.
I think I just avoided your original question.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been run over, but people have bumped into me awfully a lot in the past (whether they were tiny, huge, male or female). That has shrunk over the years, I learned to dodge big people, crazy kids, and sudden situations. When walking down the stairs and turning the curve, I walk the further end, so if someone walking the other way turns the curve, I wouldn’t be surprised where they came from.
Or if there is a crowd, I wait for it shrink, or take the road less taken (even if the road is longer and more exhausting).
Sometimes, I just walk and look straight that I forget my surroundings, and people will clash into me. I don’t realize it, but it was neither my fault nor theirs. Perhaps both of us were not paying attention. We tend to push the blame towards anyone else but ourselves.

All the time. Even on a pathway, someone will walk down the centre and not move so you have to step off onto the grass. It is like a game of chicken, I have decided not to move for others, so either we crash or they have to share the sidewalk. It is a power game for a lot of people, sadly they feel powerful if they force you off, they are usually bullies, people just don’t seem to care will not move but make you move.

In Japan it is really different, it is like a hive mentality in that everyone swerves. I used to live in Tokyo and never bumped into anyone because everyone swerves equally, like ants…it’s a hive but it works. I am small too and thin, so in supermarkets taller and overweight women try to force me aside…I just crash into them if they refuse to move or let me through…what else can you do lol. Nothing you can do but let them know through body language that you are allowed to walk there too.


This happens to me alot as well. I usually get ran into from some careless person staring at SOMEONE/SOMETHING ELSE. People rarely pay attention nowadays. I don’t know. I never noticed it doesn’t happen to men or with men as much. That’s extremely interesting & funny to me.

I usually catch an attitude (like, wtf? watch were the hell you’re going!) because it is INDEED rude & actually quite stupid that they’re that CARELESS to NOT pay enough attention watching where they’re walking. It’s rather simple.

I’m a Scorpio sun, Taurus rising.

Yes, people do bump and run over me. Well, sometimes I bump into them by accident. This usually only happens in crowded places and I say something like, “Sorry,” even though it wasn’t my fault. One time, I was in Disney World and this lady ran her baby carriage over my feet too lol!

This isn’t really answering your question, but I was just at Ikea, and I saw this lady run her kid over with a cart haha!

I feel sorry for those who feel they can run into other people as if those people are invisible. People often walk into me all the time. Perhaps because I am so short, they neglect to see me (especially as an adult- I am in my thirties but my face looks like a teenager). So when they run into me I let them keep walking. I am a powerlifer and my shoulders/arms are lethal. Walking into me is like walking into a boulder. I don’t move, but people tend to get hurt. They learn.

I hear you. This happens to me all the time in the supermarket… no matter how much space I give someone they have to get near me or let their kids crash into me. It’s no big deal, kids are kids, but it does get annoying when it happens all the time. It even happens in parking lots, like, the lot will be kind of empty, but when I come out of the store, someone parked so close to me that I can’t even open my car door. THAT is so obnoxious.

Sagittarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

It happens to everyone and everyone does it too

If I get ran over I just move on. I mean who cares? Its not like I will ever see this person again. I would rather direct my energy towards something else.

If I accidentally bump into someone else I apologize

No ppl tend to avoid me cuz i go hard lookin mad crazy O_e lololol {jokes}

But no i keep my distance and when folks see me they just stare like time stood still because I Am that MAGNIFICENT 😀

BQ: On the small occasion it does happen I say….nothing because its always a woman and they’re overly apologetic.

Aries Sun Cancer Rising

It happens to me all the time, unless I`m agile enough to jump out of their way. People seem to have no spatial awareness & never look where theyr`e going, especially with mobile phones stuck to their ears. Basically people are idiots, & I have to be very nimble when I`m out of doors to avoid them.

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