Do mormons have a problem with civil rights? does mitt romney have this same problem?

!# The founder of the church (aka prophet of god) apparently destroyed a paper printing press because it printed some unfavorable stuff about him. He may have had a problem with freedom of speech?
2# The church was convinced dark skin was a curse from god up until the 1960’s when they finally let black people…

Mayor or not it was not smiths job to take the law into his own hands. You cant destroy someones stuff and think every thing is going to be all right. You cannot stomp on other peoples constitutional rights and think that every thing is just going to work out for you. The problem with this guy is he like modern day mormons had a god complex. To me it is amazing that people would defend this kind of character.

smith was put in jail for this act, that is what ultimately lead to his demise

Black people could not full participate in the mormon church until the late 70’s.Way after the civil rights movement god finally decided to give these mormons revelation that they did not have to be racist any more. and they could give black people there magic healing power. (aka the presthood)
so although they are not racist any more now they are only sexist. (women still cant receive this magic power) haha

My guess is gay people do not want gods approval to share there lives to gather, only a civil marriage certificate from a court of law. This would give them the opportunity to share common civil wrights that every on takes for granite like shared health care, and the ability to visit there loved one in the hospital.
You no civil rights,

I’ve heard different stories about the printing press, though all the stories say that printers were telling untruthful stories which riled members. Whichever story is true, there is one thing which remains true, laws in those days differ from the laws of today. What was done was legal, just not nice. Today it would be looked upon differently.

The 2 Nephi verse that critics love to quote is talking about one group of descendants of a Hebrew man, not black men. The curse was the separation from God. The blackening of the skin could be physical, as the Lamanites did wear skimpy clothing and the sun had its affect on their skin. Or the story could be about their souls darkening as the curse took affect. Haven’t you ever heard of a person who was deemed dark and loathsome because of the hatred he had?

The Church did not spend any money on the Prop 8 thing. It was the last organization to be asked to join the coalition, and it did do some ads for the group. And the Church joined for the definition of the term ‘marriage’. It wanted that term ‘marriage’ to remain as between a man and a woman. The Church has no problems with gays having civil unions or domestic relations, if they are granted the same rights as a married couple has. It was a few individual members who donated their money to the Prop 8 cause, and some of those donations were to the ‘no’ side. There are members who either have gay family members or are gay themselves.

You also have to look at the election as a whole. Less than 2% of the voters were LDS, and there were those members who voted ‘no’. How come nothing is said about the other 98% of voters. To people like you, they never existed. Yet the prop would not have passed had they not voted. Another little item, the ‘no’ side collected more donations than the ‘yes’ side.

1) The Nauvoo City charter had laws against printing libel. Most states and cities NOW have that same law. You cannot slander someone, its against the law. Accordingly, with the city’s legal rights, they disposed of what they ruled a menace.

2) You are incorrect. Black people could ALWAYS join the LDS Church, and some of the first members were indeed black. Google Jane Manning…

It was a limitation of being ordained to the priesthood that was the only issue. And, just like in the BIBLE, God had limitations on who he gave the priesthood. Tribe of Levi only and not to others.

3) Members of the Church have a voice and have the American right, as anyone else, to voice that right. Mormons were simply voting their conscience. Would you take aware their right to do so>

The Prophet Joseph Smith destroyed the printing press because he was worried about them encouraging more violence against the early church members. What I do find funny about the whole idea is though I do not know what I think about Joseph Smith’s Actions, I know that it is rather convenient that people seem to have forgotten that the mobs who had been attacking the early church members had previously destroyed a printing press owned by Latter-day Saints.

Our Critics claim that dark skin was a curse. The Church has never given any kind of reason for why the priesthood ban was started, in fact there is not enough historical data to determine who started it and when. The biggest source of supposed evidence for the black people were cursed theory comes from our critics analysis of the Book of Mormon, which does not even have a single black person who is in the entire book.

While I do not know how much the church spent on prop 8, The Bible straight out condemns homosexuality so I do not see why striving to civilly uphold the standards of the eternal and unchanging God would be considered unChrist-like

i have heard mind-blowing study about the printing press, in spite of the reality that the completed thoughts say that printers were telling untruthful comments which riled individuals. Whichever tale is nice, there is one ingredient which continues to be incredibly, guidelines in lately variety from the guidelines of at modern. What become achieved become once approved, purely now no longer powerful. at modern it may be regarded upon otherwise. both Nephi verse that critics like to quote is talking about one artwork force of descendants of a Hebrew guy, now no longer black adult adult males. The curse become the separation from God. The blackening of the pores and skin could be actual, because the Lamanites did positioned on skimpy garb and the daylight had its effect on their pores and skin. Or the tale could be about their souls darkening because the curse took impact. have not you ever heard of a man or woman who become deemed darkish and loathsome for the clarification that of the hatred he had? The Church did not spend any money on the Prop 8 ingredient. It become the most suitable team to be requested to affix the coalition, and it did do a touch labeled classified ads for the team. And the Church joined for the definition of the time period ‘marriage’. It needed that factor period ‘marriage’ to stay as between a guy and a lady. The Church has no problems with gays having civil unions or family individuals family individuals, in the adventure that they are granted an similar rights as a married couple has. It become once some personality persons who donated their money to the Prop 8 objective, and a number of those donations were to the ‘no’ area. There are individuals who both have gay family individuals or are gay themselves. You also could prefer to look on the election as a finished. below 2% of the electorate were LDS, and there have been those persons who voted ‘no’. How come no longer some thing is alleged about the different ninety 8% of electorate. To human beings like you, they not in any respect existed. yet the prop do no longer have surpassed had they now no longer voted. an additional little merchandise, the ‘no’ component amassed extra donations than the ‘certain’ part.

1. Nope. We were among the first to ordain blacks, to have integrated congregatons, to give women suffrage, etc.

2. You haven’t established that we have any such problem, therefore your second question makes no sense. He is probably not interested in letting employees have the same benefits that management get, however.

3. Not really. He thought he and the city council were within their rights to stop a public nuisance.

4. You really ought to do your homework sometimes. Look up “Elijah Abel” to begin with.

5. No, members of the church voluntarily gave of their time and means to preserve the existing definition of marriage in California law. it didn’t take anything away from anybody. Your lies do not speak well of you.

of course not….
1# actually – it was ordered done by the nauvoo town council (of which JS was mayor), it was completely legal (as the paper was inciting mob mentality and has precedence in other towns and in other states)
2# wrong. there have always been black members of the LDS….it is true that there was a ban on blacks holding the priesthood – which was removed upon revelation from God. here is a scripture from the BoM for you….2 nephi 26:33
“For none of these iniquities come of the Lord; for he doeth that which is good among the children of men; and he doeth nothing save it be plain unto the children of men; and he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female; and he remembereth the heathen; and all are alike unto God, both Jew and Gentile.”
there is no racism.
3# wrong again. the MEMBERS of the LDS church donated their personal funds to a political cause they believed in. the church did donate in kind (allowed the use of their equipment and facilities) that’s the “american way” that individuals are allowed to support the things they believe in. FACT: there was more money donated to ‘no on prop 8’ than to the ‘yes’ side and in the end it didn’t matter – the majority vote is what passed – not the donation amounts made.

get the facts right before you go about condemning.

The only problem Mormons have had with civil rights is that the civil rights of Mormons have often been taken away by the government and mobs motivated by intolerant people outside of the Church. Mormons remember this and have been extremely charitable to others and allow all to exercise their civil rights. Today Mormons, both black and white, enjoy all the rights permitted within the countries where they live.

phrog gave excellent and accurate responses to your three questions.

1- I dont know much about that one.

2- Black people have been members since day one. Baptists have been more exclusionary to blacks than Mormons. What you are confusing is that black people didnt hold the priesthood until the 70s. Dark skin has never been taught to be a curse from God. Adam and Eve sinned and we all carry “the mark” of that choice on us as their children. That doesnt mean I am held accountable for their choice. Neither does black skin hold any kind of “curse” for people today.

3- Gay marriage isnt just a Mormon thing. Get over it. Atheists, Christians, Muslims…etc… believe it to be wrong. So take it up with the world if you have an issue with it. I dont have a problem with them fighting for it, and they shouldnt have a problem with me fighting for traditional marriage.

It is sacred union to me. Applying it to a situation which is explicitly forbidden in the Bible is something worth disagreeing on.

Joseph Smith advocated that all Black people should have the right to vote same as White People.

Joseph Smith advocated that all Black people should have the right to keep and bear arms, same as White people, so that Non-Mormons (Non-Mormons like you for example) could not put the chains on them ever again…

so that Non-Mormons would not be able to ever again abuse, rape, torture, and do all manner of insulting evil against Black people ever again.

Joseph Smith further stated publicly that all Black people of African descent should be given large land grants to each Black person of 160 acres, as reparations for slavery.

Anti-Mormons (Anti-Mormons like you for example) then murdered Joseph Smith in cold blood.

THE Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints did not spend any money on Proposition 8. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Instead THE Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints circulated a letter informing members in California of the Initiative to reassert the ban on Homosexual marriage.

Additionally THE Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints then had the proclamation on the Family read…

which states in part, that marriage should be between a man and a woman…

in the religious sense of that word.

Some people who are Mormons then donated their own money, on their own, which is a right in this country just like it is a right that many corporations in California gave money to promote Homosexual marriage, thereby meddling with a sacred covenant.

Joseph Smith as the Mayor of Nauvoo destroyed the printing press because it was considered a public nuisance. By reporting what the Newspaper planned to report…

it would have been like shouting fire in a crowded theatre.

Basically a lot of people could have been killed. By Joseph Smith’s swift action as Mayor of Nauvoo he prevented the murder and rape and property confiscation of many Mormons.

Of course this happened anyway against Mormons by the people who are allied with those who owned the above mentioned printing press, history records over and over again…

Now days that might be considered acceptable, but back then, what Joseph Smith did (as the Mayor) was not outside the law.

Members of THE Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints believe in obeying and honoring the law, and in the free rights of human beings.

There was nothing stopping those who ran the printing press in question from simply printing their inflammatory screed somewhere else.…… Chat.

God bless.

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