Conservative Democrat, or Liberal Republican what will you call me?

I share som beliefs with Repubilcans, i also belief in strethening social services and helping the less fortunate in our communities. My wife is a stauch Democrat. and she call me a Liberal Republican, I think i am just in betwen i dont want tany label , but on second thougt i think i need to define my political…

Actually you sound more like a Liberal Democrat than either of what you were going for.
I would need more info on your outlooks(?) on various topics before cementing a label on you though, but you seem to be very leftist. You’ve included nothing in your question that I think of when somebody says conservative or republican.

I think your wife has it right. Hard to tell without more info.

As a conservative republican, I shudder at the thought of social services being performed by the state instead of by private organizations. But, to each his own.

positioned it this way, Liberals tend to think of of society as appropriate and push to do the failings that would make society “suitable”. they desire everybody to make a similar quantity of money, no person to be impoverished, and there be regularly occurring healthcare. regrettably, that may not the case. that’s an appropriate society. usually, Conservatives tend to think of of issues a sprint greater realistically, yet do frequently go approximately putting forward techniques the incorrect way. the full gay marriage situation nevertheless isn’t on a similar time as much as the federal government to settle on so this is pointless for them to argue approximately it. this is not defined in any area of the form for congress, the president, or the excellent court to make any decision. only like abortion wouldn’t have been left to the federal government and would have been surpassed over, yet those are only examples. Conservatism is greater of a you do your area, I do mine. We go away one yet another on my own approach. Liberalism is a enable’s help one yet another and each thing is effective approach. usually. Regardless, think of, do not in basic terms connect factors. this is trouble-free to tell the place I lie, yet like I mentioned, factors don’t depend. Vote on themes, not people.

Unfortunately, confused. I believe this way, you stand for something or fall for anything. The way you stand is what many would consider “Independent.” But being such means you are of two minds and cannot figure out what it is you truly stand on. So my consensus is…confused.

Liberal rebpulican. And thats not a bad thing. You can see both sides not just one.

You sound like you have a brain, so I doubt the Republican Party wants anything to do with you.

confused. no conservative would ever want to strengthen social services. we believe in a helping hand up, not hand-outs.

Well Republicrat or Demorep….pick one

no reason to define your political beliefs…..You believe what is right for you without a lable

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