Christians, is culture society and family more important to you than Scientific Truth?

I think so. Your own family and friends and work colleagues would certainly be more important to you than accepting that we evolved from ape like ancestors.

I notice when you sick though, you still go to the doctor first and not to a priest.

I believe it’s just the Christian Scientists who don’t believe in modern medicine.

Most Christians are fine with doctors, nurses, hospitals – doesn’t mean we don’t pray like hell when we get sick though!

Why wouldn’t family, friends, colleagues, culture, etc. be more important than accepting the theory of evolution? The things you named have a place of importance in our daily lives, but the theory of evolution doesn’t effect us at all. Who cares? Maybe there is evolution, maybe there isn’t, that’s why it’s a theory. Family, friends, colleagues, culture, those aren’t theoretical.

On the other hand, being a Christian and believing those precepts aren’t dependent on family, friends, colleagues, or culture. Sure, those effect your Christian life, but they effect your entire life. There are many Christians who grew up in a non-Christian environment, just as there are many atheists who grew up in a Christian environment.

What I don’t get is how passionate evolutionists get over those who don’t agree. Why do you care if someone doesn’t believe in evolution?

You struggle under the delusional effect of a lie. Science belongs to God, for it is a systematic study of all He has made. Christians, at least the ones I know, take great delight in seeing new scientific discoveries. They enlighten us to the complexity and wondrous completeness of all He has made.
To answer your question, yes, indeed, family and friends are far more important than any self-indulgence. They have a place in the heart and mind that should never be consigned to another. They co-exist there, with God as the preeminent source of all life, spirituality, and inspiration. Science is merely the revelation of God’s magnificence. Science is owned by all men equally, despite the fact that some attempt to make it their own source of information against the very One to whom it belongs as its Author and Creator.

Their importance has nothing to do with each other to me. Of course I put family and God above all other things in my life. And when science has truth to it, I have no problem believing it. But when science makes a statement of fact that can not be proved in any way, that I have a problem with. What’s even more perplexing is when there isn’t a statement of fact and people jump on it as if it were.

I go to a doctor because of the field they are trained in. I go to the mechanic when my car is in need of care. So what? Neither are God.

Why should christians accept evolution when it cannot be proved? Every day more and more science is confirming that what the bible says is accurate and that evolutuion is false. Even Charles Darwin said he did not believe it before he died. The greatest commandment does not challenge our belief in creation however.It tells us to love God with our whole heart,soul,and strength,and love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus explained that to mean the downtrodden. So that is our priority. Also,Jesus didn’t heal everyone he met, but usually whenever someone came to him in faith, he healed them. What would a doctor do if no one could heal him?

I don’t think those are mutually exclusive things. A person can value all of those things, regardless of whether they are Christian or not.

A Christian can accept the theory of evolution – Catholics like myself accept it quite easily. There is nothing in evolution that contradicts our faith, nor our sense of importance to family, friends, and work colleagues – which may be a byproduct of evolution as well as a solid theological principle.

I don’t understand how they are tied together. Culture, society and family are unrelated to scientific truth on a personal level. Now religion is another story.

An intelligent mind has no problem with science or religion, they are not in conflict. I have no problem with evolution or creation, the one and the same.

For the record, I don’t rush to the doctor when I am sick, I ask what I am doing to cause it, then I turn to God created essential oils to the healing my mind is a bit weak to do.

I do not believe in evolution at all,but I know Doctor,s can help me so
yes I go when i need to, I also pray to God to help the Doctor,s.

we are not evolved from apes, double check your theory. scientificly.

i’d love to know the truth, maybe my children or their children will live in a world where it will be known. in the mean time, i believe in the evolutionist theory (apes not included)

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