Can Sony Fans please try to prove me wrong?

Okay, you probably read some answers from me, where heated discussions broke loose because I recommended the Xbox 360 to an asker.
Don’t get me wrong! This is not a trolling attempt or an incentive to break out a flame war. I want factual reasons. Provide links and evidence to your answers!

I say: My Xbox 360…

Not everyone has the same taste in games. Using facts won’t change your opinion and vice versa.

I wanted to play games like God of War 3 and Gran Turismo. (and others that were taken by Microsoft also), of course at times I have been disappointed. But most of your problems with the PS3 are more hardware preferences. Rather than your actual taste.

What I will admit though is that the 360 does have more options in terms of games. But the PS3 still has more to come despite so many games coming out at the end of this year. While the 360 has Halo Wars. That’ll only appeal to Halo fanboys and Command and Conquer fanatics. And except for that all you have is the games that were supposed to be the PS3’s exclusives. So if it wasn’t for that the 360 would be dead next year. HOME sucks bad, but so does NXE (don’t waste your time saying its good, its an awful rehash of the Miis (which in all fairness suck as well). Failure Rate is another thing. When I first heard about the red ring I thought ut would only be a rare thing, but people in my school actually got red ring, which is very common.

I’m not in favor or against the 360 or PS3, but I chose the PS3 over the 360 for the following reasons:

1) Some of the games I really want to play are Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, and The Final Fantasy games.

2) Reliability. I don’t want to take my chances and wait for my game system to break down. I don’t care if it gets fixed for free.

3) The Blu Ray is just an added bonus, but most important than that is the fact that I can enjoy my movies in either DVD or Blu Ray format while my PS3 is totally quiet. The 360 sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

4) Graphic wise, both consoles are pretty competitive, and you really have to be picky to say that one looks way better than the other. The differences here are negligible. Have you played Metal Gear Solid? Show me an Xbox 360 game that looks better than this.

5) Let’s face it. The PS3 design is elegant. The 360 looks like a toy.

6) My PS3 is fine the way it is. I don’t need to feel nickeled or dimed by having to upgrade my system by buying extra stuff to watch Hi-def movies.

7) The sixaxis feels better in my hands than the 360 controller. I don’t know, it might be a matter of “taste”

8) I couldn’t care less about on-line gaming. I have friends.

9) I have yet to meet a PS3 owner who regrets having bought this console. On the other hand, I have met some frustrated, angry 360 owners who have had to deal with fix it now, fix it again, please.

So, in a nutshell,it’s a matter of preferences. So, I’m not going to prove you wrong. The 360 is a nice machine, but the PS3 is my choice for the reasons mentioned above.

Some of your info is wrong… PS3 has better graphics because it has a BlueRay system built in. The only reason the Wii is the best selling is because of the Japanese market. In the USA, the 360 is the highest selling. Every console ever made in the history of the world was made to make MONEY for the company. If it wasn’t for the money, consoles would be entirely free. Plus, learn to spell and to use proper grammar.

I own a PS3 and do not regret the purchase. I bought it for primarily for its Blu-Ray capability, the future of home theater. If I wanted strictly a game console I would have bought an X-Box. As it is, since the demise of HD-DVD the X-Box is back to being one-dimensional. It’s great at that one dimension, but if I already have a phone, cable and a computer I have no use for it.

Tv set ruins your brain and enables you to bad in school hmmm and reading is interesting and makes you smarter

I would read a reserve but I want silence and I watch television set for Big Bang theory family guy spongebob humor or movies generally speaking toss me a good book and I’ll read it I’m not old a professor or a nerd

the new ps4 came out and it is way better then the new xbox 1 but the ps3 and xbox360 are pretty similar

Since when do graphics make the game? They can improve gameplay, but they are NOT the game.

People like different things, so why yould you want to argue?

PS I would choose a gaming PC over those two any day. And if I wanted Blu-Ray, I would install a $200 Blu-ray drive ON my gaming PC.

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