Beer Vs. Vagina…funny ?

1. Beer is always wet. Vagina needs a little work.
One point to BEER

2. Warm beer tastes awful.
One point to VAGINA

3. A really cold beer is satisfying.
One point to BEER

4. If after taking a swig of your favorite beer you find a
hair between your teeth, you may vomit.

that’s awsome!

Hilarious especially 13. If you have another beer the first one never gets pissed off. That is so true. You deserve a star, and 20 or so beers. After that i’ll buy you some vagina. Whoooo!

11. Beer can make you laugh. 12. Beer doesn’t cost 10% of your salary. (unless you need to contact those groups from number 1). For beersake, Jim, will you ever stop making me laugh!

Speaking of Vaginas that reminded me of this one question I had seen recently where this dude had put Great Stuff Foam in his GF Vagina to see how long it was


Oh now panos looks like the beer won. What a surprise. pmsl

Lucky your an ocean away…..

& I can’t bean you over the Head with a beer!!!

Laughing anyway!!!

lol 🙂

1. With beer you always know when it will squirt in your mouth.

one point beer.

2. With beer you always know the size and what you’ll get before you drink it.

one point beer.

3. With beer the bottle always stays hard no matter how long you rub it.

one point beer.

4. Beer doesn’t have balls you have to play with in order to get the beer to come out.

one point beer.

5. Beer usually always has a man attached to it. Same with penis.

one point beer.

help me ladies.

that was fun.. thanks

Very good – an indication that you can even get yours into the end of a bottleneck!

ha ha ha funny
thanks for a laugh

My husband is gonna die with laughter!!

Thanks for sharing!!

The conclusion is great! xD

Here’s a star! *

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