Any astronomy-horoscope gurus in the house?

I’m wondering;

What energy traits are associated with a full moon, and what energy traits are associated with a new moon?

I’m trying to figure out in what ways the influence differs, between full and new.

I’ve tried searches in astronomy/horoscopes, but I couldn’t find what I was looking…

New moon is moon with sun on same house,.
which we call as “Amavasai Yoga” which is a good yoga in some cases.
Full moon is a moon placed in 7th house from sun,.
which we call as “Poornima yoga” which is also good in some cases.
both has same effect but slight changes,.
Poornima yosa will give a person more height and beauty than ammavasai yoga.
because moon has full energy on full moon day and gets out of power on Amavasi,.
more over we call a issue called “asthakatham” which is when even a planet gets near the sun in astrology it gets burn by its heat and do only wrong things to the chart holder.
See amavasai yoga is not so good,.if Jupiter doesn’t aspect or if they don’t have any other good planets on both the sides of that placement.

only from month of jan to march this amavasai yoga is bad,.other months it will be moderate and in will be good from july august sep ,.
same vice verse for poornima yoga.

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