America compared to Nazi Germany?


This website compares Nazi Germany and America. In my opinion it is quite accurate.

What is your opinion ?

Read the book “The Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Peikoff

This book was actually written quite some time ago, but is spot on

Nazi scientists, many of whom were war criminals were taken to the USA before and just after WW2 ended. They worked for NASA and many other US Gov. organistation.
The CIA used Nazi staff.

I think there are a few similarities.

After WW2 the US invested billions in Germany and made the British pay for every bullet, man and tank, we only finished paying the US back in 2008. They did the same to Japan at China`s expense.

@BuddhaFan … Iranians are true Aryans, that is why their nation is named Iran, Iranians are Aryans, not Arabs.
If you say Iran properly and not the American way (Eye Ran) you will immediately understand the link between the words Iran and Aryan.
The USA has Black sites used for torture Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, South East Asia and the Middle East (including Syria if I remember rightly) as far as we know.
Remember the huge diplomatic row that erupted a few years ago about `Extraordinary Rendition` the kidnapping of people in one country and flying them to secret bases in another in order to torture them?
Many secret US bases were revealed in the subsequent enquiries carried out by several European governments.

And how many Islamic states do that then? A couple in the Middle East that is all. Saudi, Iran, The Yemen.
I live in a predominately Muslim country, it runs under a form of British Law, just like the USA.

@ Propheticards … The first Black US base for torture was in Thailand, the Thacksin government there approved of it. It is on the Radio America site in the north.
One can see an unprovable link there with the Thaksin supporters that rioted a few months ago and the almost secret war being fought in Yala and Songhkla that is currently being blamed on Muslim insurgents by some arms of the western media, but in truth, nobody really knows what that war is about. It seems to be a continuation of the second Malaysian Emergency when the Communists were forced out of Malaysia and into Thailand in the 80s.
Maybe there is some US funding involved there?

I am sure that certain ‘government’ files and processes are not known by other parts of the ‘governance’; at times; for were we not aware that there were political prisoners in Guantanamo Bay?

How many ‘other’ places does the US have Bases or concession agreements?

Need to know basis, or classified?

What about abortion?

What about the casualties of the Iraqi people which are scarcely reported or suppressed so that the public is ‘right’ for the event occurance and behaves accordingly?

That’s cute. You don’t don’t know what fascism, concentration camps, or national socialism are.

I do know several similarities can be found between Nazi policies and what went behind creating the ‘Lost Generation’ in Australia though.

During WW2, American authorities rounded up all of the innocent German and Japanese civilians that were living in the US and put them in concentration camps. The US of course also goes around bombing and taking over whichever countries it pleases. I’d say the US and Nazi Germany are fairly similar.

Not that I’m defending them, but the Nazi’s initially brought prosperity and economic stability to Germany. Americans apparently can’t even get that right.

I don’t think the American government is incarcerating in concentration camps all Jews, Rroma and the disabled just yet.

Can you describe the oppression of people living under Islamic rule in Islamic countries?
Why dont you think that making women go under a burqa (veil) is a horrendous expression of suppression?
What about shameful death by stoning in Islamic countries for an act of adultery which means 2 people had sex?
What about amputating a thief cutting his arms for stealing something?
what about punishment in public by lashes?

Is islamic rule humane ?

Can you count how many people are living in islamic rule ?

Is islamic rule in islamic countries different than nazi rule?

Remember , America is a free country and creator of technologies .

We dont want to go back to middle ages so shut up your racist speech

Already the Iranian prez. is saying that Iranians are true Aryans like Hitler did

If you are pulled over you are not to question the officer, say “sir”, and just take any verbal abuse they throw at you. I don’t see the difference between SS in many instances we have all seen and heard about.

And exactly how many concentration camps has America made to kill Jews?

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