Alaskan malamute vs siberian Husky? ?

My parents thought my 8 month old dog needs a new friend and my older brother and i have been telling them about our desire for another dog 🙂 so they decided to get us another dog. my brother wanted a border collie or german sheperd. i liked the border collie but we can only give the dog an hour of walking 4-5…

You say you dismissed a border collie because of the exercise requirements. Malamutes and Siberians both require an extensive amount of exercise equal to (if not exceeding) that of a Border Collie. They also require an extensive amount of time grooming. Malamutes and Siberians are also notorious for jumping fences and roaming and might teach your golden this bad habit.

I would consider getting a female as the opposite sex usually gets along much better.

A few things:

1. If you don’t think you can provide enough exercise for a Border Collie, you definitely won’t be able to provide enough for a Siberian husky.

2. I’d recommend getting a dog of the opposite sex and spaying/neutering both. Having two males in the household, especially one/both is not neutered, is a recipe for trouble. I emphasize this *especially* if you choose a Malamute, since male Malamutes can be very dominant and will walk all over an owner who doesn’t know how to be the boss.

3. Never pick a dog based on looks. Yes, Siberians are pretty, but they are NOTHING like Golden Retrievers. They are wicked smart, and they are independent. People who don’t know better call that “stupid”, or “stubborn”…but the fact is they don’t live to please you, and have to see a reason to do what you ask.

Malamutes are a little easier-going, and don’t tend to take off like Siberians. Both breeds must have a fenced yard.

A good little article on the differences between Siberians and Malamutes:…

ADD: Regardless of which breed you choose, please go to a responsible breeder. This will help reduce the chance of getting a dog with health problems, and a good breeder will always be there to help and answer questions. You can find breeder lists (as well as more info on each breed) on both these websites:

If you don’t have the time to exercise the border collie, you definitely won’t have time to exercise the husky. Huskies require three plus hours of exercise per day, minimum.

My favorite quote about siberians is this: “My Siberian is smarter than your honor student.” They are a very intelligent dog – quick to learn commands, though often refusing because they don’t understand what they’ll get out of it.

The best advice I can give you is that not everyone is ready for the commitment a Siberian requires. People want them because of their striking eyes and how simply beautiful they are. They don’t understand how much work a Sibe really is. They are one of the most abandoned breeds….

First and foremost: Siberians need to be with their ‘pack’ —— this means with you (not tied or kenneled outside).

They require LOTS of exercise. They are frequently bored. This gets them into trouble with chewing and destroying things. Often they won’t respond to commands – not because they don’t know what you want, but because they don’t feel your request is worthy or important. They shed in snowstorm style 2 times a year, minimum. They need fenced yards – they are runners and will run and run without thought of you or cars or anything else. They are diggers. If you want a beautiful yard, don’t consider a Siberian! They like people – any people! This is often seen as being unloyal. Because of these things, and more, they are often found in shelters and rescues.

Please do your research before bringing a Siberian home.I also suggest you find a mentor (an experienced Siberian ‘parent’) and work diligently with them to provide the best home you can. There are many very knowledgeable Siberian owners on YA! and other forums – “talk” with them as well.

Siberians are a tough dog for a beginner owner. Please know and understand the commitment that is required for this breed!

And one last thing – I recommend working with a Siberian Rescue before bringing one home. You need to see what happens when someone is not ready for the commitment required when getting a siberian husky.

Both the Husly and the Malamute need a lot of exercise, I would say a HUsky needs more because they are mostly used for sled pulling more than a Malamute. Both a great dogs, as long as you socialize them properly they should be great friends. But the husky needs exercise like the border collie, a Malamute would be better.

You say that you have only 4 or 5 days a week at one hour for exercise. That will not be enough for either dog. They are both working breeds. Boredome amongst these breeds leads to destruction (ie, having your whole garden completely remodelled).

Your brother mentions they are not intelligent. Both breeds are highly intelligent, although aloof. They pick up things very quickly and get bored very easily.

This site is located in Australia and provides excellent overall info.

One of the greatest reasons these breeds are dumped is due to lack of knowledge. Please arm yourself with all the breed info. Both breeds require a lot of work and time. They are not a breed to be just left alone.

One last thing. If you buy either – please buy through a registered breeder and not a back yarder. The registered breeder will provide you with info.

Good luck.

If you want information on malamutes I suggest you take a look at the following site for breed details:

I own a Siberian and they are a lot of work!! I go to a friends house. They have a Siberian as well. We can be there for 2-5 yrs and the dogs are NOT done wrestling and running. Huskies are in the front of the sled for Leading and Malamutes are used for pulling, so they are in the back. Malamutes are bigger than Huskies. They are very very strong dogs. If you’re not paying attention to your surroundings when walking, be prepaired to get pullled! Gentle Leaders are great for long walks. Huskies love to roam, the love to hunt small prety, the are houdini’s and can get out of Everything!! Mine locked the dead bolt and locked us out of the house! They are high jumpers and they are very intelligent. At the summer time I get atleast 5-10 bags of his hair.Also, they don’t make great guard dogs. They look mean but won’t bark when someone comes in. Dakota would probably walk up to the person and welcome him in. lol.

Good things about them is that they are gentle, do great with kids, have big personalities, very clean dogs, great motivation to exercise, playful, quiet for the most part and beautiful.

Hopefully that helped! Good luck with whatever you decide!!

Well Huskies are a lot more destructive and more of an escape artist than Malamutes. If it’s your first dog and especially your parents first dog…I don’t think a Husky is the right choice. And Malamutes need a lot of exercise as well.

I’m not sure which breed you should get, I love both those breeds!!! But i can give you a tip on excersize. since ylu can only give an hour 4-5 times a week, i strongly suggest you get this bike attachment, I think its called the springer, you can attach it to your bike, and your dog can run as fast as they can, with big breeds you don’t even need to pedal, you can run two dogs at one time. I have two goldens, and in an hour we can go obout three miles. it really tires them out, my youngest golden has alot of energy and i can bike with her for an hour and she will be tired for 2-3 days!!! i really recomend them, ecspecialy if you get a collie, husky, or malamute. they cost around 80 bucks

If you are not able to provide enough excercise for a Border Collie, you will not be able to provide enough excercise for a Malamute nor a Husky.

wow it sounds like you have loads of dogs lol 😀

i love big dogs too !

alaskan malamute :- The Alaskan malamute is one of the oldest of the Arctic sled dogs, powerfully built and originally bred to pull heavy weight over long distance in harsh conditions. Best known as a member of a sled dog team, the malamute has slowly gained popularity and is now better known as a companion rather than a working dog.

siberian huskies :- The Siberian husky is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. With eye color ranging from crystal blue to brown to multi-colored, the husky is a sleek and strong dog. The breed was previously quite popular as an Alaskan sled dog, but in recent years has been replaced with the Alaskan husky, a mix of various breeds.

border collie :- With their intelligence and eagerness, border collies have dominated the world of competitive dog sports for many years, especially in the obedience ring. Originally from England and Scotland, the border collie gained immense popularity in Australia as a working sheepdog.

german shepherd :- Since his rise to movie fame in the early 1920s, the German shepherd has become a favorite breed for families, law enforcement and the disabled. Also known as the Alsatian, the German shepherd has consistently been one of the top 10 companion dogs in the United States and is a member of the “herding” class. Despite the similarity in appearance to the wolf, the German shepherd is a loyal, faithful and devoted human companion and, with proper training, can perform nearly any task.

golden retriever :- consistently tops the list of most loved family pets. Usually associated with children and suburban life, and, with their love of water and natural retrieving ability, the golden retrievers are also excellent companions to hunters.

well well well good luck with choosing your dogs ! x

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