10,000 Gay couples have gotten married in Mass. yet my own marriage is remarkably unaffected, why is that?

For the record, our society doesn’t seem affected one way or another.

Because Gay marriage doesn’t matter. Those that say it does had better start persecuting the marriages that are not Christian marriages or remain the tunnel-visioned hypocrites that they are.

I’d like to firstly agree with the fine folks above that are completely right in saying that homosexual marriage would never have affected a hetero/Christian one in the first place. Obviously, many people have not received that memo.
Secondly, I’d like to introduce a theory, not without merit, that the no homosexuality thing in the Bible was put in there with ulterior motives. Point 1: That the culture of people that created the Old Testament were a nomadic, pasturalistic tribal bunch. There were no city states of theirs, and many city states of the time are blasted in the Bible. Homosexuality would have been a threat to the fecundity of the group because homosexuality, as it is, produces no offspring.
Point Two: homosexuality was tolerated in other cultures that were geographically close, and also militarily and financially far superior to the early Hebrew people, namely: The Greeks and the Romans. If you read between the right lines, a lot of the Bible is a cultural document that differentiates the Hebrew from the Hellenistic, Egyptian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, and Roman cultures.

there really isn’t any net effect of marriage whether it is a gay or a straight couple. People marry for love and togetherness and as long a sthey do, nothing changes just because the genders are the same. It is only a problem in the minds of those opposed to things gay who claim it will ruin traditional family values.

However, I really wonder what traditional family values they are trying to preserve.
Maybe they want wives to be chattel?
Maybe they want children to be property to be done with as they please?
Maybe they believe in a return to arrange dmarriages?
Maybe the barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen saying is their motive?
Maybe they prefer the division of labour into men’s work and women’s work?
Maybe they want the wife to walk three paces behind the husband?
M<aybe they prefer the women to have inferior educations and be in low paying jobs?

Who knows eh?

Not anymore. It’s strange though, because the 18,000+ marriages that were created before the Prop 8 votes are still completely valid. One would think that marriages from other states would still be seen as valid in California even though new same sex marriages can’t be created there, based on the aforementioned fact.

That’s what’s SUPPOSED to happen. Same sex marriage does not affect anyone EXCEPT for those getting married (and those vendors chosen to provide the various wedding related goods and services but affected in a good way).

My neighbor- “If you let a man marry a man, before you know it men are going to be marrying goats”.
Me- And that will affect my life how exactly?
My neighbor- slams door and hasn’t spoke to me since.
Plus side- her kids aren’t trampling through my yard anymore.
The current sanctity of marriage 50% divorce, up to 50%of wives and 70% of husbands have extra-marital affairs. Yeah, we gotta protect that.

I know and to think I was so worried my husband was going to turn to me and say “thats it honey, now that I can marry men I’m outa here.” 😉

I never got how gay marriage was going to destroy heterosexual marriage actually. I don’t have a “Christian” marriage though so maybe I don’t count.

Well said,

It strikes me as odd that the same people that want a constitutional amendment against same sex marriage are not proposing any laws against adultery.

I mean adultery is one of the ten commandments, unlike homosexual relations…

Give it time… Already this set of high school graduates if full of young men and women who admit to being bi-sexual, and others who plan to experiment while off to college…

This is so insidious, that many otherwise decent people are blinded to the upcoming train that is gaining momentum.

I ‘ll pray for all of us.

God Bless.

The government of a nation is under the laws of God whether they like it or not (Psalm 2). I believe God will punish this nation for it’s wickedness.

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