☺ Survey : What Is Your Least Favorite Color Of Bed Sheets !?

Black because it’s depressing and what if there was a bug in your bed? You wouldn’t even be able to tell…

a million. Do you’ve any pets: No, regrettably. 2. What color blouse are you wearing: Tye-dyed. 3. call 3 issues that are bodily on the point of you: My computer, my clothing, and the settee. 4. what’s the elements like on the instantaneous: outdoors: warm. interior: chilly. My mothers and fathers save the AC *truly* extreme. 5. What color are your mattress sheets: vibrant orange, my prominent color. 6. Do you’ve self belief in karma: surely. 7. Do you carry grudges: I attempt now to not. 8. Do you want sushi: i have never had it, and the idea of eating any raw meat disgusts me. 9. Are you happy with your self: Immensely so. i’m completely surprising. 10. call 3 issues contained in the international you dislike: rude human beings, my small badder, and humidity. 11. Ever had a secret admirer: If he’s secret, how might want to i comprehend? 12. prominent animal: platypus. 13. Do you want issues that glow contained in the darkish: YEAH 14. What time did you awaken this morning: 10:00, i imagine. 15. What did you eat for breakfast this morning: Cookies and creme poptarts. 16. prominent day of the week: FRIDAY. 17. prominent fruit: Bananas. Yum. 18. Least prominent color: powder pink. 19. Ever been to a unique usa: No D’: yet i really favor to. 20. What toothpaste do you employ: Aquafresh is my prominent! 21. very last human being you spoke over the phone to: My superb friends little brother, Caleb.



Dark Green.

Not really a color. Just the patterns. Some of them are so ugly.

Black hands down

Edit: Actually, it would be Neon Green…the kind that seems fluorescent

Well, I guess yellow. Reminds me of old ladies. :\


orange and a light green

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