Survey: what do you find absolutely irresistable?

Freshly baked choco-chip cookies for me =)
and yea, pure vanilla (the scent)


I just made some vanilla cupcakes a few weeks ago, but I decided to use a real Vanilla Bean rather than the usual Vanilla Essence. As soon as a sliced open the Vanilla Bean, the whole kitchen smelled so good! After I took out the cupcakes from the oven, the whole house smelled like fresh Vanilla! Using a fresh Vanilla Bean makes the house smell SO much better than just Vanilla Essence – just when you thought it couldn’t get better!

I ramble too much :\

So i’d probably have to agree with you about the fresh Vanilla!
The Artificial Coconut smell is amazing. *gasp*
Vanilla and Coconut scents together would be ORGASMIC! o.O

I also like Cinnamon and Cloves :]

I LOVE the feeling when i’ve had a really tiring day and I arrive at home, knowing that I can just relax by having a long soak in a hot bath, listening to relaxing music. Then after that I can just dry off and put on my favourite pyjamas and sleep!

Whenever I go out shopping or something, I always take a lot of effort making myself look nice. I’ll have a nice warm shower and then play some nice music while I do my hair and makeup. I feel so much better about myself when i’m all done up!

It sounds really out-of-the-blue, but I love drinking water when i’m super thirsty! That feeling is PRICELESS. When you get all dehydrated, all you want is a glass of slightly-chilled water! [Water tastes like crap when you’re not thirsty, though!]

I feel much happier when I have some money. The feeling doesn’t last long, though [it’s true when they say that money doesn’t mean happiness]. I do enjoy going out with friends and allowing myself to splurge on clothes, food and other random things! This doesn’t happen often, which is what makes it so special. Splurging too much would probably make me feel depressed, to be honest.

Doing things for others. I find that irresistible. I’m a naturally generous person, and even if I miss out on something, the thought that I have done something nice for someone else always makes me feel happy and cheerful. Regardless of how big or small the favour is, it still gives me a priceless feeling – even simpy lending someone a few dollars for the train.

Reaching a goal [big or small]. It just gives me an amazing feeling. I do remember this one time when I was reading a forum about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and someone aaid that if you make your character go from one side of the map to the other [swimming and walking/runnig on foot only] you’ll get a reward. I thought that was a pretty good idea, so i decided to try it. I was sitting at my PS2 for HOURS, taking my character from one island to the other without using any cheats or vehicles, in an attempt to reach my goal and reward. Finally I reached my destination, only to find that I didn’t get a reward. Infact, nothing happened at all. At first I was SO annoyed, but after a while I just laughted it off. Even though I didn’t get any reward, I could still officially say that i had travelled right through the different cities in the game BY FOOT! Boy was I gullible, though. Silly, silly me -_-

Most of these things that I find irresitible probably arent even relevant to the question, but I thought i’d announce them anyway!


Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

haha I am baking chocolate chip cookies right now!
Want some???
I have 11 dozen!!! My recipe makes wayyyy too many cookies… oh well guess I just have to eat them…

and I would have to agree with you about them being irresistible, mine are amazing!
and Rock music. Music is my life =)

Cookie Dough ice cream..

Ice cream

Music. Especially rock or metal.

Dark chocolate and beautiful women.

I love to cook. Love to bring new tasty goodies into the bedroom and try new things….lol!! Makes life more tasty and interesting. 🙂

a good smelling man, dark chocolate, and good conversations.

I love the smell of a coffeehouse too.

chocolate chip organic whole wheat cookies!!!!

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