My motorcycle and I were hit by a car who ran the red and the police report has it wrong…I have proof!!?

So wendsday night, I was going back home on my motorcycle when i got hit by a car. I was going straight on a 3-way intersection, with a 1-way going north-west, and a 2-way going east and west. As I remember and stated in the false police report, I was traveling west when I’m pretty sure that the light was green…

Generally, the please take all of the stories and give the most neutral one as what happened. If they were to put down each side of the story, the report would be 50 pages long and stated that 10 pages that they already have to fill out for that one little slip of paper that you have.

There is a lot more here than what I can go into thanks to the limitations that Yahoo has put on these answers. Suffice to say that it is not only your sides of the story that the officer listens to but what he observes when he arrives. This is the main reason why you should not move your vehicle prior to the officer arriving. If you do, you’re basically destroying evidence that could be helping your case.

I will be perfectly blunt here. You do not need to be on Yahoo asking when the person you need to be talking to is an attorney. Everything that you have collected can be admitted to court, along with statements, that may very well prove your side of the story. This is the reason why he goes before court instead of just being the officer’s observations. Without being offensive, everyone always states that it is not their fault. In fact, the courts even assume that you are acting in your best interests by saying what you say (or lying). If you know, for a fact, that you did not move your vehicle until the officer arrived, you may catch him saying that you did. This may either be an intentional lie or a case of bad notetaking in regards to the accident.

The other aspect to this is in regard to your insurance. They usually did their own investigations regardless of what the court or the police say. They have their own investigators who specialize in automobile accidents. Often times, these are better trained than the police officers who originally worked the case and may even be former police officers who have taken special training to deal with just the situation. Again, make sure you tell them everything you have told us here.

So, expert advice would be to tell an attorney and your insurance exactly what you have told us here. That will be the most helpful thing that you can do. If you still disagree, you may even hire a private investigator to do the legwork for you.

Best of luck with this and glad you made it out alive.


If there’s a witness asserting which you ran the purple gentle you at the instant are not likely to have a sort of success. i’m not sure the kind to declare you probably did no longer run the purple gentle once you’re saying you do no longer extremely remember thiings o.k.. My wager is the automobile became pulled out in the interesection waiting to make a left turn and whilst the gentle became yellow began turning once you desperate to purpose to overcome the gentle. Now If i became drinving the automobile i could have been extra effective careful as a great sort of people run lights fixtures. As a rider it could be your duty to visual reveal unit the oncoming site visitors and assume what they are going to do (continually assume the worst case situation) and act subsequently.

It is common for people to give conflicting stories at an accident. For that reason, a witness that has no interest is usually given more credibility. It sounds like that is just what the officer did.

Contact your insurance company and tell them your observations. A police report carries very little weight with an insurance company. They will do their own investigation and determine fault.

If you have bills not covered by insurance or if you have an injury that is not getting better, you should contact a personal injury lawyer.

You stated you have proof to back it up,so why are you in this site asking for answers ?
You should be giving your proof to an attorney.

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