Is obama going to bring our troops home? will gas prices go back down?

yeah girl!!!

he cant run his entire campaign on it and then not do it. its a pretty big thing. he will. he genuinely wants to do it, too.

im a hardcore democrat. but i WILL say that democrats in the senate have the ability to help out inthe gas crisis and in iraq but are waiting to mkae the changes until a democrat is in office so they can say it is all the republicans. and i think alot of the republican policies DO contribute to the problems. thats what got us into this. not all their policies. but the bush adminisration = no bueno.

Who knows about the troops? It probably depends on the circumstances.

As for the gas, well, that’s not going to go down since oil is a global market, and demand is increasing faster than supply, which is classic economics. Basically, many countries have seen very strong recent economic growth, particularly China and India, and strong economic growth means more people can afford more cars, which means more demand for gasoline. Also, economic growth also spurs demand for all kinds of other petroleum-related products, all of which helps increase the price. The price has also been driven up by market speculators and also by weak supply growth. This is complicated, but we may have hit Peak Oil (Google it), so we the price is almost certainly not going down.

The way Obama will bring troops home is to surrender and leave Iraq and Afghanistan in defeat while embarassing the entire nation of the USA. That’s how democrats and liberals operate. They don’t care if they shame the USA, especially how Nancy Pelosi took matters in her hands and visited Tibet and China trying to be “Ms. Peacemaker”, even though its not the US’s business.

Democrats will not help lower gas prices. Since they think Republicans and conservatives are rich enough to pay higher gas prices, the Democrats will keep the prices high just to line their pockets with kickbacks without knowledge of our citizens.

First off Obama is not President yet and I don’t think he will be. Next, if (please God no) he is President hopefully he will have advisers to tell him it would not be smart to order the withdrawal of the troops before Iraq is ready. One more time for the dense, the President has NO CONTROL over gas prices. The democrats want to pass a bill to raise gas taxes by 145% so if anything gas prices will go still higher.

If Senator Obama is elected, he certainly will bring a different viewpoint to the Iraq situation. I worry that we may be stuck there, but a fresh approach may bring a different outcome. We’ll see.

Gas prices are essentially out of the President’s hands. They probably aren’t going down until the dollar gains strength and demand goes down a bit. So we’ll see.

The Democrats want to increas the gas tax so it will go up. The troops in Iraq may go home anyways because there is talk the Iraqi government may tell the U.S. troops to leave by the end of the year.

He will try to bring them home. but i don’t believe the time line. Gas price will not go back down.

obama will promise anything for votes, its not just his decision to bring the troops home…gas prices will probably go down a little but not like they were.

Obama has said he will obey Israel (essential for an American politician)

I therefore give up, there is no hope

Nothing will change..Obama will not be president.

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