I want to buy a gun… my husband thinks im nuts and I won’t get one.?

What should I do?

You don’t need a gun, your butt ugly face is lethal.

Next time you come to my questions and attack my physical appearance, just look at yourself in the mirror! You must be a very insecure jealous person to post insults like you did on my question. I don’t know whether I feel sorrier for you or your “husband”…. if you have one.

If you are experienced with fire arms take him to the range and let him fire some rounds off. If you are buying a gun for home protection show him the easy access safes that can now be obtained to keep the weapon out of the hands of children or a criminal. If he is still unwilling has he installed a top of the line security system? Has he taken and given you the funds to go to personal protection classes? No then I say buy a gun that is right for you get a concealed weapons permit, a good easy access gun safe, go to the range at least six times a year and tell him deal with it. He can not stop you from protecting your self and if you take the proper safety procedures he can not say you are making the house unsafe for children.

together as maximum international places have experienced conflict, u.s. has by no potential seen conflict on its soil. besides the fact that, this does not propose that your husband’s concern is unwarranted. the assumption of the international ending refers back to the government. it is, our present day sort of government is going to end. we are heading for a one international government, with one international militia. in this transition era, there must be an attack on u.s.. If, and while that occurs, it is going to likely be a nuclear attack, not a floor conflict. you may ought to conceal and have nutrition reserves, yet your weapons will in basic terms be necessary to guard your self from human beings you recognize–people who will attempt to scouse borrow your reserves or invade your hiding place. Your husband’s obsession may well be slightly untimely, yet he’s on the main suitable song. individuals do ought to start storing canned ingredients. and remember approximately the can opener!

If he doesn’t feel comfortable having a gun in the house then you’re going to have to reach some sort of compromise on it.

Why does he feel this way?

I agree with the above poster.

I saw your comment on above poster’s page. You must be insecure and jealous to insult other Yahoo! Answers users directly, calling her ugly. Have U looked in the mirror lately? Ouch!

Buy the gun and ditch the liberal husband.

He is likely correct.
Make an appointment to see a psychiatrist.

all women should be strictly obedient to their husbands..my wife is a good obedient lap dog who does as I command, i make her wear a belt buckle that says “property of bear”..they call me bear because im so tough

Save your money and buy one on the sly.

Get one anyway. If he thinks your still nuts, shoot him with your new pistol.

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