How do I sell my used car in California when its registered in Iowa?

I moved to California from Iowa in May and along with me came my personal vehicle. I have Iowa plates and the car is registered in Iowa until August 2010. I am now selling the car privately and need to know the steps I need to take to do it correctly and legally. I’ve never even sold a car before so this…

Go to a california dol and give them your current iowa title and they will give you a new title right there on the spot thats what happen to me when i went from washington to arizona. at the very least they will give you a afidavid and release of interest and send you the title in 3 weeks. but you can still go to the dmv with the person that wants to buy it and go into the dol with them and put it in there name

You must reg it in Cali before you sell it.

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