Explain to me how ” Illegal immigrant is a race ” ?

If I’am to be called a racist for speaking out aginst illegal immigration, then PLEASE to me why you came to a conclusion that , Illegal immigrants are a race all their own ?

Okay now someone will have to explain how illegals are being persecuted. So illegals are a religion now. How interesting. There are laws in this land. There are laws in every country of where the illegals are from. If I go to any of those countries and break those laws what happens to me? Am I then being persecuted? Or punished under their laws?

Well, the mexican hate organizations (la raza, mecha, fist etc) push the uneducated immigrants to the fore of the fight and tell them they are entitled to something the rest of us know they aren’t. This puts a latino face (which of course is still not a race but it’s difficult to point this out to the narrow minded supporters of illegal immigration) onto the issue.

Couple that with the more vehement supporters who preach violence and you get Americans who are fed up. This creates a air of anger that is taken out on the largest and most visible group of illegals (Hispanic who still are not a race). Since there is no legitimate way to debate a pro-criminal anti-american stance that is taken by so many of the criminals supporters they lash out in ignorace using terms like racist.

According to their logic I guess it’s true that since the hate groups I mentioned earlier are anti-American they must be racist too. After all if Mexican is a race wouldn’t that then hold true that American is a race as well?

i get it…no its not a race but you know quite truthfully (and i know some people on here might hate me for saying this) illegal immigration is not ok and both illegal immigrants and liberals try to make it seem like the people who wish to have stricter immigration laws are just being spiteful and “racist”…well now since racism is such a sensitive topic its just way too convenient to use it espcially in a discussion about something thats just as taboo as racism, therefore i think its a low blow or a cheap move to label the people who oppose illegal immigration as “racist”. ironically enough i came to this country as an immigrant but legally and meanwhile it was a pain going through all the paperwork and paying all the fees, it was the right way to do it. i am all for people coming to this country in order to try making better lives for themselves…but it’s not ok to just skip the border or “extend” your temporary stay because as much as this is the land of the free, we do need some regulations to protect us.

Racist may or may not be accurate. In order to sidestep the difficult question of exactly how many people going on about immigrants are racists, I propose that we just stick to calling them xenophobes. It is indisputably accurate, and does just as good a job describing the prejudice involved. Happy?

Personally I feel that Illegal Immigrants are pure and simply that ILLEGAL, If they want to enter this country they can do it the way everyone else does.

ALSO they need to learn that this is America, not Mexico, India, or where ever else they come from (not picking out certain races i mean every single one of um)

We have OUR culture and OUR language. You wouldn’t expect use to say run to Mexico and find English on a package of food or go to India and have English speaking people translate everything for us. Why the heck do we do it for them?

I personally and SICK of searching for the English instructions when putting something together. OR of having to listen to some Spanish crap telling me if i speak a FOREIGN LANGUAGE to hit number 2 when I call my cable company.

If you want your country’s language, customs, products and what not so bad go back there. Other wise become a part of America. Accept our language, our customs, our stuff and keep any left overs from your country private.

That being said I happen to like foreign people. (i just do not like it when they come here thinking they are coming to a more free extension of their country either its your country or ours, there should be no middle ground.)

quambewy, Thank you for doing it the right way and I happily welcome you to this country, I would love to see more people like that here.

lol…..that is funny, I get the same thing I get accused of being racist because I think its wrong when these “black activists” stir the pot anytime something happens to someone black, but as a white person any white person standing up for another white person is racist….NOW we are RACIST for not wanting a bunch of illegals of ALL RACES just getting a free ride….how lovely….

No. It is a fear tactic. Those for illegal immigration hope to frighten those of us against it into silence and compliance.

And in actuality, it wouldn’t be racism – it would be xenophobia – a fear of foreigners.

most all of us come from a line of illegal immigrants. you aren’t racist if you didn’t single out a certain group. now if you were just referring to our southern migrant workers, or our far east taxi drivers, then you would be.

Illegal immigrants are overwhelmingly of a particular race. Yes, there are some that aren’t, but most are.

It is not a race, they are persecuted the same way. Jewish is not a race either. is it? Look at what has been done to them for so many years.

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