Does anyone feel nauseous after eating breakfast??

I always feel really sick after i eat breakfast….

I did when I was a kid. Never did figure out why.

Nauseous After Breakfast

I use to do that a lot. I would suggest changing what you eat and eat it slowly insted of eating all at once. Try just a bit of plain toast and some juice and build up from there. Apple juice is easy on your stomach. Try to stay away from a lot of dairy in the a.m. or just build up to a little bit.

It is not good to skip breakfast. It is a fact that women who skip breakfast are heaver than women who eat a breakfast.
Take it slow and good luck.

What did you eat? This is a good way to find hidden food allergies. Keep a daily food journal.
Certain foods may be the trigger.

I am seriously allergic to most of what people eat for breakfast: Dairy, Eggs, 46 other food allergies. Before find that out breakfast almost always made me feel ill… food in general made me feel ill.

I used to have the same problem. Turns out I’m really sensitive to common chemicals. It helps if you use a scentless toothpaste, and give your body time to adjust in the morning before eating, or exposing yourself to additional daily contaminants (in some places, even the shower/drinking water is loaded with chemicals). If you live in a relatively clean-air town, it helps to keep the windows open (Huge levels of chemical toxicity indoors from cleaners, outgassing (from synthetics), air fresheners, cooking, poor ventilation, etc..It all builds up.) If you are realistically able to cut down on the level of chemicals you are exposed to over all, it will be a big help. Good luck.

My man always does, thats why he hardly ever eats breakfast. If he does eat, He gets really sick.

my daughter used to be this way too, as a teenager, and so was i. on family trips, i hated to have to eat breakfast when i stopped. you don’t have to eat ‘breakfast foods’; have whatever you can stomach at that time of day.

I did for a while than I grew out of it but it seems like it's come back I can't figure out why this is I usually just have a water till about lunch time than I eat a solid food

It must be what you are having try eating lighter like fruit and juice or plain Cheerios and skim Milk – skip the coffee and fry ups since they are infamous tummy trouble rs. Good Luck!

I can’t eat anything for about an hour after I wake up otherwise my stomach gets really yucky feeling. I totally feel your pain (literally)

No I get sick if I don’t eat breakfast.
Try eating something light like toast and hot tea. Don’t eat anything greasy like sausage and see if that helps.

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